Friday, January 16, 2009

HSUS Agenda for Animals Officially Targeting the Hobby Breeder

The Humane Society of the United States must be dancing with glee.  With Obama in the White House, Tom Vilsack as the new Secretary of Agriculture, Cass Sunstein to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (this guy is HEAVY AR!),  along with the new head of the EPA, and the recent announcement of the Agriculture Committee members, the HSUS must be thinking the time has finally arrived for them to unleash the next steps of their Animal Rights driven agenda now that key players are in place in our government.
The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and The Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF) have unveiled their 100 Step 'Change' Agenda for Animals.(this link is in .pdf)  Among the highlights(from the HSLF)  :
  • The Agriculture Department must improve enforcement at slaughter plants, puppy mills, research laboratories, and wild animal exhibits, and crack down on abusive practices such as animal fighting, horse soring, and puppy imports. It should apply basic humane slaughter protections to poultry so that nine billion birds per year have a merciful death, and finalize its pending rule to prohibit the slaughter of downed cows who are too sick or injured to stand up. The agency should work to stop the export of horses for slaughter in other countries, and should shift the focus of its Wildlife Services program to effective nonlethal methods rather than the use of aerial gunning, cruel traps, and toxic poisons. 

Just what exactly is a puppy mill? There is no legal definition, therefore, it is simply a derogatory term used to turn breeders against one another.  And if you are thinking that the HSUS is only referring to 'commercially licensed USDA breeders' or 'breeders that sell to pet stores', THINK AGAIN.  The HSUS is actually referring to ALL breeders, 'hobby/show/home breeders' included: (from the above mentioned .pdf file):

"5) Puppy mills – require all dog and cat breeders to comply with AWA requirements, including those who sell directly to the public; require daily exercise and socialization for animals in commercial breeding facilities; prohibit non-stop breeding every heat cycle"
There you have it, folks, the TRUE eventual intent of the P.U.P.S bill...the rest of us are now officially targeted.  Did the writer over at the HSLF think that people wouldn't really click on the link to their '100 Step Plan' and see the truth???  That is:  "Require ALL dog and cat breeders to comply with AWA requirements including those who sell directly to the public....."

Of course, dog breeders are not the only intended targets.  The HSUS is coming after the farmers that feed our nation; the scientists that are working to find cures to devastating diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's Disease; the hunters and trappers and fishermen...everyone and anyone that has any contact with animals is a direct target. 
Don't Drink The Kool-Aid

The thing is this:  while these changes put forth by the HSUS sound reasonable (to some) on paper, the ways in which these changes will be written into legislation are what you have to pay close attention to.  NOTHING the Animal Rights groups put forth is for the 'good of the animals' as they claim; rather, these changes are among many steps to try and end human use/benefit of animals of all types. Read again my post on the Twelve Step Plan To A No Animal Nation , then compare that to the 100 Step Change Agenda.....

Little by little, bit by bit, unless all animal owners stand united against the Animal Rights bullies, we will see life as we know it with animals come to an end.  It is time to realize who the real enemy is and to put aside differences of opinion on how individuals should own/breed/farm/hunt, etc...the Animal Rightists are making their intentions known.  Will you be duped into drinking more of the HSUS Kool-Aid?


  1. What now? What can we do to get rid of Cass
    Sunstein or at least limit his influence? Why,
    oh, why does HSUS want to get rid of all


  2. This is what happens when a Liberal Democrat with a 100% positive HSUS rating gets voted into office. Many of us tried to warn everyone but people were more concerned about abortions and the wat, neither of which are going away in the first place!!!

  3. HSUS wants to make money and live large using a money machine we built for them when we donated to their "rescue efforts". They are not burdened with empathy for animals or other humans. They believe "better dead than fed". Every animal industry must link hands - farmers, hunters, dog owners, dog breeders. As a group we are invincible.

  4. This is very sad that our country where freedom of speech and freedom all together is being challeneged by people who don't have a clue as to responsible breeders/hobby breeders, who care about the welfare and genetic health issues behind each breed. I pray that this nation of animal loves will all bond together including pet owners who have purchased from not mills, but responsible breeders,where their companions has brightoned their homes. Animals bring peace to the sick, grieving, handicap,and dogs that save lives from missing person,dogs able to sniff out cancer and also protect their families from break in to fire. Now nursing homes have animals in their facility because they see how it has improved mental status. 911 Grief dogs the list goes on
    I will get every client of mine, clubs, breeder network and we will stomp on Washington to stop this redicious avenue you have taken. We need
    people in our government who can know the importance these animals make. Look what this country and other countries have done to the wildlife, now we have select breeding programs to help the endanged species. Now look what you are trying to do to our lives and breeds. God Bless You Teri K

  5. Don't think this is a red vs blue thing. There are just as many red states that have enacted anti-owner legislation as blue - if not more.

    As Blue Dog State noted the other day, the colour of animal liberation is Purple, not red or blue.

    Hsus wants to get rid of all domestic animals because their religion (it is a religion and just as fact-based as the rest) tells them that breeding or owning animals is slavery, cruelty and exploitation. In fact, they believe that ANY interdependence between humans and animals must end.

    This campaign has been going on for 20 years and they don't care if it takes another 20. It's a plan and the pieces are coming together.

    Breed bans. Mandatory neutering. Slamming of breeders (don't think it will stop with dogs). 'Guardianship'. Anti-tethering.

    Media propaganda. Outright lies to the public. Failure to be clear about the true agenda in media and elsewhere.

    It's actually quite brilliant. Who can argue against animal 'welfare' and retain any credibility?

    Trouble is, they ain't about animal welfare. They're all about animal liberation. The two concepts are diametrically opposed to each other.

    And yeah, if everybody would swallow their pride and join forces, we could steamroll the fanatics.

  6. I have added a link to your blog on mine as I feel every dog owner in America needs to read your words..I have also mentioned it in my latest post.Thanks for the work you do..

  7. There are stray cats in my neighborhood, and someone called in saying they were ours.. We got visited by a Humane Society officer. When she found out our dog was pregnant, a registered pure bred Yorkie, she asked us to abort the pregnancy, because she said that she has too many yorkies show up in the shelter, and has to put them down. I told her if she gets any more Yorkies, to call me, and I will take them all, she has yet to call. She never will, she just wanted us to kill these innocent little puppies.. We are a licensed breeder in the state of Ohio, it was incredible to me.

  8. Whats crazier is in the case like wildside kennels when the state says even if your not guilty you will loose your dogs and we will bill you!!!! this means that the HSUS and their kind do not even need a conviction anymore!

  9. I posted information on Cass Sunstein to a couple of local dog / regulatory lists and got a bunch of private hate mail.

    Some nut job wrote me a long nasty note saying I was all wrong about the guy -- and included a copy of Sunstein's pdf position paper. This was the paper where he says (in a roundabout way) that all hunting, animal research and animal ag should be ended because it's cruel. The same one where he argues that animals should have legal representation.

    Where DO these people come from? Have we Americans entirely lost our ability to read critically?

  10. The ability to read and COMPREHEND are two things the "sheeple" in America are NOT capable of..

    Just print any ol' thing in the paper or show 'fixed' video of "puppymills" and they are ready to throw their money at the Hypocrites Society of the United States...Hell, they can't get rid of it fast enough...suckers.

  11. This is EXACTLY the kind of information that we need to make known to every man woman and child in America. The whackjobs who want to end all animal use must be the minority and as such we can defeat them!

  12. This passes and I won't have a job. I work with transgenics. Trouble is 99% of the people that work with me LOVE Obama and think he can do no wrong. They don't realize this bill will cut their jobs too. If you read it closely it is ssooooooooo scary!!!!!!!

  13. There are so many people hoodwinked on what Obama is really rats running merrily behind the pied piper...they have no clue where they are REALLY going and whats going to happen to them when its too late to get away. How sad for us all.