Wednesday, January 7, 2009

PETA Bullying USA Network: Don't Air Westminster

PETA president, Ingrid Newkirk, sent a letter to USA Network urging them to not air the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show this year.  In part, Newkirk writes:
"Since dog breeders routinely use incestuous inbreeding and genetic's not surprising that as many as one in four purebred dogs is plagued with a serious genetic problem." ...

 Visit the L.A. Times blog to read Newkirk's drivel in full.
This latest round of PETA bullying should come as no surprise to anyone.  The Kennel Club (the UK's version of the AKC) and purebred dog breeders were slammed in the BBC's "bash-the-breeder-fest", in Pedigree Dogs Exposed.  As a result, the BBC will not broadcast the Crufts Dog Show.  In the last year, PETA has stepped up its agenda against purebred dog breeders...ESPECIALLY those of us that show dogs.  I refuse to give the link to PETA's blog where they trashed last year's WKC winner, but if you can stomach it, go take a look at their archives.  Bullying USA Network to drop Westminster was the next logical step.

Like Billy pointed out over at Dog Show Poop, what all of us must do now is write letters of SUPPORT to USA Network.    Let them hear from the purebred dog community...there are THOUSANDS more of us than there are Animal Rights fruitcakes in this country.  Tell them how much you love watching, tell them that Westminster is a glorious celebration of the purebred dog and a testiment to the many dedicated breeders.  Just send your letters of support!  And watch the show!


  1. She was bound to do this. I'm sure Ingrid would love to kill all those dogs she feels so sorry for.

  2. I would like to send a fax like PETA did to the CEO...I'd like her to get a picture of my purebred dog and just see how gorgeous he is! I'd bring him right into her office to meet him and see that he is in far better health with no genetic defects than most mutts!!!!!! And he is gorgeous...well trained...and a therapy dog to boot! That is exactly like Uno! And that is what they are promoting and supporting!

  3. No matter how gorgeous he is, Ingrid would want to kill him. She is not rational.

    Thanks for the info... you are right, we need to write to that network like crazy.

  4. Ingrid is nuts, crazy, whacko, and any other pronoun/adverb whatever you care to come up with. Who else supports terrorist acts in an admitted campain "to end all animal 'exploitation' in this world". I'd like to see her fall into a manure pit....

  5. the problem is also within the breeding community. Breeders who have no earthy understanding of genetics telling thier customes "oh no we don't inbreed" like it is a sin to responsibly inbreed and linebride animals to create healthier and stronger specimens by using like gentics to filter you gene pool. like anything it can all be done wrong. if you inbreed dogs with bad traits you will have even more bad traits as much as the good you where looking for. if you inbreed too often you will ruin your gene pool. but inbreeding itself is a tool nature itself uses to strenthen it's packs. wolves, lions, and any other pack animal breeds strongest to strongest. If the male lion is the only male only disney watches believe he mates with every female exept his daughters.