Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wow ..My First Award! I'm Speechless...

I have been rendered speechless...and let me tell ya', that isn't an easy thing to do! LOL  It gives me a great feeling of accomplishment to know that folks are reading what I have to say;  that perhaps I am making a difference thru the wonder that is this thing called blogging.  My heartfelt "thanks" to everyone who has commented, read, cross-posted, linked to thru other blogs and websites and found The Endangered Owner blog. 

At any rate I received this 'Friendship' award from fellow blogger, Kat, over at Wolfdancer Creek.  Thank you, Kat!  In keeping with the spirit and the 'rules' of the award, I am now supposed to pass the award along to eight fellow bloggers.  So, without further delay, here we go:
  • To the PetDefense blog:  for eternal vigilance in finding the truth, no matter how hard the ARs try to hide or disguise it.  I have learned much from this blog.
  • My friend, Billy, over at Dog Show Poop:  One of the nicest people I have had the pleasure to meet in person and a great writer.  Thanks for providing us dog show fanatics with the latest results from around the country!
  • BlueDogState:  One of the first blogs I ever read and what gave me the idea to start blogging myself.
  • To Ken and Linda for endless hours of their time devoted to keeping all dog owners informed of pending legislation from all across the country thru The Monthly National Legislation Report
  • To Stop The Lies and United We Bark, for their hard work on stopping BSL and for educating people on the true agenda of the HSUS
  • The No Kill Blog , Nathan Winograd:  for enlightening the world on the betrayal of animals by the very ones that are supposed to save them, the shelters.
  • And finally, to Caveat, the great blog to the North, who writes much better than I do and is a staunch opponent of BSL


  1. Thanks, Robin, for the mention. One of the great things about blogging is one meets so many people like you...dedicated, hard working, thoughtful, and just plain good folks. Keep up the good work. You make this world a nicer place to be.

  2. wow thanks as well..........funny when you start blogging you ask anyone out here gonna wanna hear me talk lol. great work and than for the love.

  3. Thank you for this interesting list of interesting blogs besides your own. I hadn't
    heard of most of them except Ken and Linda's
    well-done Monthly Legislation Report. Thanks
    also for your own blog with its excellent selection of articles/essays helping cosa nostra. I am reminded of Ingrid Newkirk's advice to seek the companionship of one's own
    (other humans) rather than using animals for
    companionship. Given the choice between Ingrid
    herself or even a Gila monster with PMS, the
    Gila would win hands-down. However, when I
    read your blog, I feel more optimistic about
    human beings.

  4. Hey, thanks for the award, Robin! I guess this means I have to pass it on.

    I wouldn't be too sure about the 'better writer' thing. Just saying.

  5. Great your writing...keep fighting the good fight, I think we are gathering strength and if we all just keep spreading the word and teaching by example maybe we will survive these times to come....

  6. I am the "Anonymous" who posted yesterday. I
    didn't mean to be anonymous; I just can't seem to get this site to accept my registration,
    even though I'm on its mailing list.

    I do think your list of other sites battling the animal rights movement is a very useful list, in addition to your own blog.

    Unfortunately, HSUS' relentless hammering away
    at our basic rights as animal owners is so
    exhausting that I just want to stop the world
    and get off...or else Bobbitt Wayne Pacelle
    with a rusty kitchen knife.

    Roberta Pliner

  7. @Roberta: Hmm, I have had trouble even logging on to edit/write posts..Maybe it's some sort of weird Google 'fart'?

    I'm so with you on the rusty kitchen knife and Gila Monsters..Thanks so much for your kind words, they are truly appreciated. :-)

  8. Hi, i can't even seem to post anything but that might be me? Thank you for nominating Petdefense, I wish all bloggers were as good as you are because then our progress would be a lot faster. But it's ok, Rosa Parks didn't even have a computer. She just acted (action) and talked (spread the word) Crusade Against HSUS until there are none that DON"T KNOW!