Friday, January 23, 2009

HSUS Agenda: Eliminate Pet Breeding

Nothing says, "Happy New Year" like introducing bad laws. Here we are just 23 days into January and the HSUS led Animal Rights foot-soldiers are introducing BSL (Breed Specific Legislation), MSN (Mandatory Spay/Neuter), and breeder limits/breeder 'permits' type legislation.
First The Good News: MONTANA
Since I always seem to be the bearer of bad news, I thought I would share some VICTORY news for a change! Just a few short weeks after being introduced into the Montana legislature, HB 191 has been rejected by lawmakers. The bill sought to ban 'pit bull type' dogs (Am Staffs, American Pit Bull Terriers, etc) from being bred or bought in the state...Thankfully, lawmakers quickly killed this bill stating that it was an ineffective way to combat dog attacks! Big paws up to those that wrote, called, or faxed their opposition !! There is strength in numbers, folks!

HSUS Agenda: Mandatory Spay/Neuter Law Introduced in FLORIDA

After the death of California's proposed AB 1634 (the bill that wouldn't DIE..and tried to mandate spaying/castrating of every dog 4mos of age and older), the HSUS (the Humane Society of the United States), vowed to take mandatory spay/neuter (MSN) across the United States. MSN has been signed into law in several U.S cities including Los Angeles, West Palm Beach Co, FL, and is being pushed in Chicago, IL.

The HSUS has yet to have MSN signed into state law anywhere, but that doesn't keep the wealthiest Animal Rights group on the face of the planet from trying. Florida's legislative session does not officially begin until March, but the Animal Rights lunatic fringe has introduced House Bill 451, which seeks to Require owners of every dog or cat in Florida to have each animal sterilized within 30 days of the animal reaching four months of age, or within 30 days of the owner receiving the animal.

The American Kennel Club, along with the National Animal Interest Alliance Trust of Florida, have issued alerts on this AR driven piece of legislation. Diane McKinney of The NAIA Trust of Florida has issued the following statement with permission to crosspost:
"Please let people know that NAIA Trust of Florida is working on talking points on this bill as well as several announcement will be coming out as quickly as possible....another FYI, our legislative session in Florida doesn't even START until March 3, 2009! So it's not as though we don't have a "little" bit of time to get this stuff together.....I think we're doing pretty well considering that we JUST found out about this - what YESTERDAY? Let the games begin! "
I cannot stress to Florida residents how important it is to join together and defeat this bill. Our dogs are our property. That includes their reproductive parts. The decision on whether to spay/neuter should be left where it belongs: with the animal's owner and their veterinarian not with the government. There are risks to any surgical procedure, including spaying/neutering, and ESPECIALLY doing so at too early of an age.

HSUS Agenda Targets Illinois and Colorado

Bills have been introduced in Illinois and Colorado that will negatively impact dog breeders and owners. The Illinois bill (HB 198) is 45 PAGES and would limit the number of dogs they can own and requires licensing for anyone who maintains three or more females (even if they are not bred) "for the purpose of the sale of their offspring." The bill would also mandate unannounced inspections, fingerprinting, and require breeders to pay an unspecified license fee. It is important that ALL fanciers, responsible dog owners, and breeders work together to oppose this burdensome and ineffective legislation. Please visit the American Kennel Club's website for important contact information of Illinois Senators!!!! The AKC also has a sample letter that you can personalize and send!

The Colorado bill ,HB 1172, seeks to dictate to breeders how many UN-altered dogs they may own over the age of 6 mos. More HSUS/Animal Rights driven laws designed to make the breeding/owning of pets more expensive and restrictive. Don't let the HSUS win! Don't drink their poison Kool-Aid and fall for the ruse of trying to eliminate so called "puppymills"...The number of animals one can own is a personal choice and is different for everyone. The Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs is aware of this pending bill and The Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States (RDOWS) has sent a letter to the powers that be in Colorado asking for this lunatic fringe proposed law to be struck down.


The HSUS is waging war on OUR rights to own, breed and keep animals. The bills I have listed above are just a sampling of what we have in store this legislative session. The bickering and bitching and finger-pointing among dog breeders/owners has got to STOP if any of us hope to have a future with our dogs.

When one area of the country is targeted by HSUS backed legislation, we are ALL sitting ducks. Just because you do not see your state listed yet does NOT mean you are in the clear. The legislative sessions are just beginning in many states and soon it will be your turn to fight with whatever draconian law the HSUS has in store for you and your dogs.

Will you be ready? Do you know who your legislators are? Will you stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow dog owners and breeders to preserve the rights for all, including yourself? Or will egos and poison Kool-Aid prevail?
When the AR came for the unlicensed puppy mills,

I remained silent;
I was not an unlicensed puppy mill.

When they confiscated dogs from those who had one too many for their local ordinances,
I remained silent;
I was not over my local limit of dogs.

When they came for the Pit Bulls similar breeds,
I did not speak out;
I was not an owner of a Bully breed.

When they came for the Commercial Breeders,
I remained silent;
I wasn't a Commercial Breeder.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out......(Author Unknown)


  1. Right on.

    What happens in (Ontario, Denver, Illinois, Florida....) doesn't stay there.

    As far as I'm concerned, nobody is an outsider when BSL or other anti-pet owner legislation rears its head.

  2. Well it's official i you help some one hsus screws your a criminal. We are now a front for dog fighting because we helped for breeder who were found not guilty after 200 dogs where killed. Raiding someones home because they breed pit bulls is breed discrimination and thats what we fight. Raiding someones home with proof is a whole different story. 200 charges not a shred of proof not even what was on the search warrants. and we are the criminals. They busted into a no kill shelter and killed state evidence! right there in the no kill shelter.

  3. Ok, so there are groups for AR freaks to join (HSUS, PeTA, ALF, ELF, etc) what about those of us fighting them and their Nazi-esque laws? WHat groups are there for pet owners and breeders to join that will fight for our rights? The registries aren't really in a position to do anything, so where do we form the line?

  4. My suggestion is to check out the National Animal Interest Alliance....or check to see if there is a group formed in your state to combat bad dog legislation. If there isn't one, all it takes is a group of like-minded folks getting together and starting one. You don't need money, just be willing to send faxes, letters, lawmakers and to animal owners to let them know the issues and the time has come to stand together to fight for our animals and our rights to keep them.

  5. In Canada, you can join the DLCC.

    We're pretty much it from a national standpoint. We do a lot behind the scenes and don't blow our own horn enough but we're always looking for people who 'get it'.

    Other groups are the American Sporting Dog Alliance, PetPac, various state dog clubs such as Dog Federation of New York, Help Fido (Ohio), Kansas City Dog Advocates and more.

  6. Animal rightists are no lovers of animals. They are haters of animals, but most of all people-- with their agenda to destroy all domestic farm and pet animals. Already our Amish and Mennonite communities that supply us with safe, clean food are considering leaving the US because of the prejudiced, focused attacks by the animal rightists. Animal rightists are fronts for many nefarious groups. One group are the global drug makers who want to move new medications from concept straight to being sold in your local drug store without safety testing. Another are the few companies and mainly China who would be left with noses out of joint were they stopped from burying us under unsafe imported foods our FDA fails through refuses to protect us from. Half the mustangs in the country have already been penned and sterilized, set to be gifted to one of the world's richest men as his personal tax write off. Wake up before America is left without animals as companionship, food, dairy products down through milk and we're stripped of animals for protection, work, and companionship by these agitators. These groups are direct threat to our national food availability. For every horror story the scam artists get published remember there are thousands of well cared for, loved, and essential animals in your community that are never written about. It may be the cow that provides your childrens' milk and meat plus the leather for your shoes, the service dogs that aid the disabled, or just Aunt Betty's beloved mixed breed that lowers her blood pressure. As a nation we're already in chaos from politicians having come close to destroying the country. Don't let them go an inch further in raping us of our pets and food animals as they've already destroyed our economy.

  7. AMEN. Otherwise it's going to have to be the PET Revolution because they AIN'T taking MY animals.

  8. Whenever I try to convince my friends or city officials (who are trying to pass a mandatory S/N and micro chip ordinance on cats) that HSUS is a radical group they ask me for evidence. HSUS has a paid lobbyist trying to push this ordinance through.
    But she knows how to talk the talk, she wants to stop animal cruelty, she wants to stop overpopulation, etc.... Does anyone have any official HSUS documents or a place on their web site that shows their radical agenda? Are they keeping it so secret? I haven't really found anything so far.

  9. What exactly can I do to help from home? I'd love to help fight these horrible organizations