Wednesday, December 17, 2008

HSUS Selects New U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

The H$U$..oops, I mean, Obama, has named his pick as the new Secretary of Agriculture, former Iowa Governor, Tom Vilsack.

Vilsack is praised by both The Humane Society of The United States (the H$U$) and The Fund for Animals
This is soo NOT good news for animal owners.

It's no secret that The H$U$ has been trying for several years to re-write the USDA guidelines pertaining to dog breeders so that us hobby folks come under the same umbrella as the commercial breeders. (Remember the PAWS Legislation, anyone?) With the final defeat of PAWS, came a promise: "We'll be back..."

Follow along as I connect the dots....

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin is a promoter of AR written legislation and was Obama's mentor in agriculture...

Obama is the FIRST presidential candidate to EVER garner public support from The Humane Society of the United States (in its 50-some-odd-year history).....Illinois Senator Dick Durbin authored the soon-to-be-introduced in 2009 PUPS Legislation (another AR attempt to push hobby breeders under the USDA umbrella under the guise of stopping 'puppy mills'-- whatever that word means).

The Puppet-Master

So, now the Animal Rightists have the perfect set-up for their socialist driven agenda...Dick Durbin wrote the law, Obama has pledged support for animal protection laws both publicly and in his HSLF questionnaire (Humane Society Legislative Fund)...and now Obama appoints Vilsack as Secretary of Agriculture and U.S. Senator Ken Salazar (Colorado) as Secretary of the Interior...oh...and another bunny/tree hugger fave, Lisa Jackson as head of the EPA...

All of these individuals....Durbin, Obama, Vilsack, Salazar, Jackson...were heavily endorsed by the H$U$...

Wonder if Obama realizes he is merely a puppet....with the deceptive and pro-vegan Humane Society of the United States pulling the strings???


  1. Robin, I’m going to do a post on my blog on this. I’m convinced that my argument of “protect our domestic endangered species” is a good one. If you convince these politicos that the hunting dog they grew up with is going to be extinct, I think we have a chance. Everyone who owns a rare breed should have business cards to pass out that explain that spay neuter laws will result in the extinction of animals they (the public) know and love. I can’t believe John Q Public will endorse saving the whales and condemn the American Foxhound to extinction.

    I am going to write my senators and push them to ask these appointee in their confirmation hearings if they endorse the extinction of rare domestic breeds. Let see if they have the balls to go on the record

  2. Billy,
    Great blog post idea...I LOVE IT!
    More of "us" need to actively blog/talk/write about the issues that involve dog ownership and breeding as we know it.
    Another great idea to write to our Senators/Congressmen ...I may blog about that next!