Sunday, March 29, 2009

Welcome to the Fight: An Open Letter to the Agricultural Community

To All Farmers, Cattle Ranchers, Pork and Poultry Producers, and Anyone Else involved in feeding and sustaining America:

Welcome to the fight against the Animal Rights Movement; more specifically, welcome to the Crusade to Expose the Humane Society of the United States (aka, the H$U$).  The purebred dog and cat community have been on to them for many years now, fighting off the onslaught of anti-breeder/anti-purebred propaganda.  By joining forces, the agricultural community and the millions of pet owners and breeders in this great country, we can defeat the ARs (animal rightists) and expose their true agenda:  No animal use for any purpose.

It won't be an easy war, nothing worthwhile ever is.  The good news is that there are groups of us that have years, decades even, of experience and knowledge in fighting and exposing our common enemy:  the Humane Society of the United States.  The National Animal Interest Alliance, the Sportsmen's and Animal Owners Voting Alliance, the Cat Fancier's Association, and the hundreds of dog club federations across the country, not only monitor upcoming legislation in all states, but issue thousands of letters, faxes, phone calls, etc, to federal, state and local lawmakers.

The first thing you all should know is that there are more of US (pet owners/breeders, farmers, folks who use/own animals) than there are of THEM (the H$U$, PETA, ASPCA, etc).  The sheer number of Americans that love and or rely on animals for whatever reasons, FAR outnumber those true hard-core Animal Rights fanatics that want us to eat nothing but tofu.

Secondly, learn from the mistakes that we in the dog world have made.  Assuming that "that law won't apply to me", or "my operation is above reproach", or "why should I care what happens in California" type attitudes will only divide us further.  Divide and conquer is the number one strategy of the H$U$.  NO ONE is immune, NO standards of animal husbandry (no matter how well we care for our animals), will EVER be good enough. 

Third, NO COMPROMISE.  PERIOD.  When a vauge law is introduced, band together and KILL IT.  Some will say, "oh, well, THAT part isn't too bad and SOUNDS reasonable".  A common H$U$ tactic is purposely introducing vague, feel good, fuzzy wuzzy type laws that to most Americans, sound logical and appeals to their EMOTIONS.  Lawmakers want to pass laws that they THINK will please their constituents and hopefully get them re-elected.  The public-at-large, along with lawmakers for the most part, do not stop to think of the "unintended consequences" a law will have.  Case in point:  the Anti-Horse Slaughter Bill.  The H$U$ was successful in shutting down the industry by playing on the emotions of the public.  So, once the slaughter plants were closed, that left many horse owners with a delimma:  what do I do with my old/sick/unruly horse?  Some were turned loose, to which the H$U$ et al, responded with "horse overpopulation", some were transported out of the country to Mexico where horse slaughter standards are waay below humane (to which the H$U$ responded with the current law on making TRANSPORTATION of horses destined for slaughter would be outlawed.)

I, personally, am looking forward to working with the agricultural community to defeat those that threaten our way of life with our animals.  We are all in this together; agriculture, ranchers, pet owners, breeders, veterinarians...even John Q Public that enjoys grilling steaks on the weekend, though "John" hasn't fully realized it yet.  It is imperative that we turn up the heat on our enemy, the H$U$, and expose them for what they really are:  the wealthiest and most dangerous Animal Rights group this great country of ours has ever seen.  They are a lobbying machine, nothing more; lobbying to take away our rights, as an animal owning/using society, for their own vegan driven agenda.

We must utilize every media outlet, organize community seminars, and reach out to and educate the public and our lawmakers that the "Humane Society" is a humane society in name only:  they do not operate or oversee the thousands of animal shelters in this country.  The H$U$ has no police powers.  This is a war of propaganda:  and it is high past time that we start dishing it back.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

HSUS Sinks to New Low, Even For Them

This week, Wayne and company (the H$U$), hit a new low by pimping out kids to lawmakers in Tennessee. Not teenagers, little kids belonging to Brownie Troop 550 in Nashville. (And just where were these kids parents, anyway??) This latest ploy had the kids lobbying on behalf of the H$U$ to "stop puppymills" in Tennessee.

We all know the H$U$ relies on emotion over facts and common sense, and sadly the majority of Americans oblige. There are several "visuals", that when put before even the most level-headed, will cause an opening of the wallet (sad little puppy and kitty photos, "Help us, please")....and the wide innocent eyes of young children ("Hey, Mister Lawmaker, would you make those bad dog breeders not be mean to those poor doggies anymore?")

It is no secret that Wayne and Insane Ingrid are trying to indoctrinate our youth and brainwash them in the ways of veganism. But, c'mon!!! Taking advantage of the innocence of YOUNG children that don't understand the issues involved...and aren't even old enough to vote! Parading them up and down the halls of the state capitol...using their innocence and their emotions to push your ANTI-breeder agenda... That's a new low, even for you, Wayne-o. Shame on you.

Tennessees' breeders are just one of the many states being targeted by the wealthy animal rights group. Senate Bill 258, sponsored by Sen. Doug Jackson (D-25) and House Bill 386, sponsored by Rep. Janis Baird Sontany (D-53) places breeding of purebred dogs under criminal animal cruelty statutes. The bills classify a Commercial breeder as any person who possesses or maintains twenty (20) or more adult female dogs in whole or in part for the purpose of the sale of their offspring as companion animals. If even one litter of puppies is produced, a commercial breeder licensing would be required. Ownership of 75 is the absolute limit. Background checks will be required for applicants, and the state will determine if the applicant is of good moral character and deserving of the license.

HSUS State Director, Leighann McCollum, responding on behalf of Sen. Doug Jackson confirmed that USDA regulations currently in effect under the Dog and Cat Dealer Act (44-17-101) will be required for the new commercial breeder kennels. Senate Bill 258 was referred to Senate Committee Commerce Labor & Agriculture Feb. 19; no hearings are scheduled at this time.

Everyone knows that most states are facing the most troubling economic times we have seen since the Depression, so does the H$U$. Wayne and company may be morally bankrupt, but they aren't stupid; they know what sells, and in this case, when the going gets tough, NO child is safe or above being pimped out for their breeder elimination plan.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dog Owners: We are NOT Done MORE HSUS Bills Must Die

We aren't done in Illinois. While the anti dock/crop bill appears to have been defeated, there are still ***2*** MAJOR issues that need our attention.  We are a large, powerful group and the "KILL THE BILLS" phone-a-thon is working!  Keep up the pressure!  The first being the hearing TOMORROW, MARCH 11, in Springfield, HB198 and SB53, the anti breeder bill.   PLEASE use the links provided at the AKC for sample letters you can personalize to help KILL this BILL!  The Illinois Veterinary Medical Association and the AKC remain opposed.

The second bill requiring our help is the MSN ordinance in Chicago.   Hearing on Thursday, MARCH 12...The Chicago Veterinary Med. Ass'n, the Illinois State Veterinary Med Ass'n AND the AKC are OPPOSED to this ordinance and all of its amendments.

I have it on good authority from someone involved in the fight that the HSUS has PROMISED to take this MSN ordinance in ALL directions of the country, should it pass. It is CRUCIAL we all step up to the plate and help each other and preserve our rights to ***choose*** when, where and how invasive surgical procedures are done.

For great sample letters that you can personalize and send to the Chicago Aldermen, please visit the following AKC link by clicking HERE .


 Please VOICE your opposition via fax, email and phone to save hobby breeders in Illinois.  This is another HSUS backed bill designed to eliminate breeders.  DO NOT LET THEM WIN.

The following is from the AKC.  For sample letters, for everyone both in and out of state, please click HERE

House Bill 198 and Senate Bill 53

These bills are supposedly an attempt to address “puppy mills” and irresponsible dog breeders in Illinois. However, these bills affect many small-scale hobby breeders and create unreasonable standards for
commercial breeders who are in compliance with current state and federal laws. Their passage will not improve enforcement or the lives of animals in Illinois.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture already has a licensing program in place which requires breeders with more than 5 intact females to be licensed. The “puppy mill” that sparked the introduction of this bill was not licensed as current law required and was being investigated by the Department of Agriculture.

Although draft amendments that have been circulating would allow the Department of Agriculture to administer the bill (current bill language establishes a new program in the Department of Financial and Professional Regulations), the provisions continue to be burdensome and will not improve animal welfare.

Enforcement of current laws is the most effective way to address animal care issues in Illinois.

House Bill 198 is scheduled to be heard:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
2:00 p.m.
House Business & Occupational Licenses Committee
Illinois State Capitol, Stratton Building
Room D-1
Springfield, IL

Senate Bill 53 is scheduled to be heard:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
3:00 p.m.
Senate Licensed Activities Committee
Illinois State Capitol, Room 409
Springfield, IL

What You Can Do:

* Call your Illinois State Representative and State Senator TODAY.
Tell them that you are a constituent and ask them to oppose HB 198, SB 53

*Personalize sample letters to send to your representatives. Due to the speed at which these items may move, we highly suggest sending your message in an email or by fax. Click here to find out who represents you in the Illinois State Legislature. (please go to link above to find your rep AND for sample letters)


The wealthy Animal Rights group, The Humane Society of the United States, is at it again.  And the entire state of Illinois is under fire.  It is imperative that all dog owners, breeders, and dog clubs unite to defeat the following devastating bills being proposed.  Our animals are our personal, private property.  All decisions as to their care should remain where it belongs:  WITH US, the owners.  Do not let these officials (guided by the HSUS), take away your Constitutional Rights.  Join together and make it loud and clear that we are mad as hell and we ain't gonna take it anymore! (politely, of course!)

We are going to take a lesson from the ARs and do what they do:  FLOOD the lawmakers with phone calls, faxes, emails, and if you are able to attend, with our BODIES!  The ARs are well united in their cause and therefore are successful with lawmakers.  We can do the same.  The only people who are going to save our dogs and our rights is US.  There is no white knight on a steed, no calvary.  We can do this, but time is of the essence and the bills before us require a unified, do-it-or-die effort!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 10, 1:00 pm central time, The Illinois Senate Agriculture and Conservation Committee is scheduled to hear SB139, a bill that will make ear cropping and tail docking in Illinois a Class 3 Felony Animal Torture charge.  The only exemption is for "medical reasons"...not for show dogs, not for breed standards.  This bill will severely impact dog clubs in the state holding events under AKC auspices.  It is imperative to call, fax, or email EACH of the Senate committe members and OPPOSE this bill.  Call the senators below urge them to OPPOSE SB139!  Start first thing in the morning:  get together with friends and have a phone-a-thon party.  Put those rollover minutes to good use! 

Senator Michael W. Frerichs (D, 52)
Springfield:(217) 782-2507 / (217) 355-5255 FAX
Senator A. J. Wilhelmi (D, 43)
Springfield:(217) 782-8800 / 217-782-3213 FAX
Senator Deanna Demuzio (D, 49)
Springfield:(217) 782-8206 / (217) 854-5311 FAX
Senator Linda Holmes (D, 42)
Springfield:217) 782-0422 / (217) 782-2115 FAX
Senator Toi W. Hutchinson (D, 40)
Springfield:(217) 782-7419 / 217-782-2115 FAX
Senator David Koehler (D, 46)
Springfield:(217) 782-8250 / (217) 782-3213 FAX
Senator John O. Jones (R, 54)
Springfield:(217) 782-0471 / (217) 782-4079 FAX
Senator Tim Bivins (R, 45)
Springfield:(217) 782-0180 / 217-782-9586 FAX 
Senator Gary G. Dahl (R, 38)
Springfield:(217) 782-3840 / 217-782-4079 FAX

A person convicted of violating this Act would be guilty of a Class 3 Felony, and conviction considered equivalent to a conviction for animal torture!

Currently docking and cropping is fully legal in Illinois.

Additional information on the ramifications of this bill:

 According to the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association (ISVMA), should these docking or cropping procedures require medical justification, the determination as to whether “medical purpose” is applicable should be made by a veterinarian in consultation with their client, without interference from the government;

 According to the ISVMA, as currently performed in veterinary practices, these procedures do not meet the bill’s current definition for “torture” (i.e., “infliction or subjection to extreme physical pain, motivated by intent to increase of prolong the pain, suffering, or agony of the animal”);

According to the ISVMA, the Humane Care for Animals Act is not the appropriate place to regulate practice of veterinary medicine, as provided for in 225 ILCS 115/, when the practice is in accordance with commonly accepted veterinary practices. In the event of a dispute, the Illinois Veterinary Licensing and Disciplinary Board should determine what constitutes a commonly accepted veterinary practice;

It provides no provision for preventive measures of cropping/docking to be performed by veterinarians when the dog is a puppy, not even for breeds used in their traditional roles. It only allows for crop/dock for “medical reasons” after the adult dog is injured. Therefore, it does not provide for the humane care of dogs, especially for traditionally docked working and hunting breeds which often incur serious and painful tail injures while performing their work as adults. Such tail injuries often result in tail amputation for the dog, a much more risky and painful surgical procedure for the animal and costly for its owner. When such an injury happens in an adult dog, the dog often must be removed from a working environment for many weeks or even months to allow the tail to heal whether or not it is amputated.

 An AKC regulation prohibits classes containing cropped dogs in a state where the practice is illegal - so these breeds might not be able to be shown under AKC auspices in IL should this pass, nor can cropped dogs be entered in any AKC event in that state. (Subject to interpretation of the actual law if passed.) This would devastate all AKC dog shows and performance events due to the large numbers of cropped breeds in the AKC!

Since docked or cropped rescue dogs would carry no proof of the procedure having been performed legally under this law, any owner of such a dog would risk being charged with “Animal Torture” under this law, and subsequent conviction of a felony. Such risk to the owner would result in the euthanasia of many docked and cropped rescue dogs in this state. (Conviction of an animal related felony offense in Illinois places severe restrictions on that person's future ability to own and breed dogs in the State; convicted felons under State law cannot own an intact dog in Illinois for 10 years after release from incarceration!)

Docking a tail on a puppy at the usual 3 – 5 day old age at which it is done can be safely perform by an experienced breeder under the advice of a veterinarian

The Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association is OPPOSED to this bill!

You can see a full text of this bill here:

The HSUS Hits Chicago with Mandatory Spay/Neuter

The following urgent alert is from the AKC.  Please click here for sample letters you can email or fax your OPPOSITION.  Chicago residents take action NOW!

URGENT: Chicago City Council Committee to Vote on Mandatory Spay/Neuter Ordinance March 12th!
[Monday, March 09, 2009]

The Chicago City Council Joint Committee on Finance and License & Consumer Protection will hear a proposed mandatory spay/neuter ordinance at their meeting this Thursday, March 12th, 2009. It is vital that
responsible dog owners and breeders attend the hearing to oppose this measure.

The ordinance will require that all dogs or cats over the age of six months be spayed or neutered unless they qualify for one of the following exemptions:

* A licensed veterinarian certifies that the animal’s health would best be served by spaying/neutering after a specified date, or that due to age or poor health it is unsafe to sterilize the animal at this time.

* The dog or cat is of a breed approved by and registered with a registry or association recognized by the commission on animal care and control whose programs and practices are consistent with the humane
treatment of animals, and the dogs or cats are kept for the purposes of showing or competing in legitimate shows or competitions hosted by or under the approval of the recognized registry or association (It is unclear how this would affect animals that are older than 6 months who are not yet ready to compete or be shown.).

* The dog has earned, or is actively being trained for and is in the process of earning an agility, carting, herding, protection, rally, hunting, working or other title from an approved registry or association (It is unclear how an owner would prove that an animal is “being trained”).

* Dogs or cats having a valid breeding permit.

* Dogs or cats whose owners hold a valid animal care facility license.

* The dog is trained or is in the process of being trained as a service dog.

* The dog is trained or in the process of being trained and is actively used by law enforcement agencies or the military.

* The dog is owned by a guard dog service.

The proposal will also establish a $100 breeding permit, require breeders to submit to a criminal background check and establish the following restrictions:

* Prohibits the breeding of female dogs and cats more than once a year unless they receive special permission.

* Prohibits the sale of puppies and kittens before eight weeks of age.

* Requires breeders to provide veterinary and vaccination records to all puppy and kitten purchasers.

* Requires that the breeding permit number be displayed in any advertisement offering puppies or kittens for sale.

What You Can Do

Attend the meeting City Council Joint Committee on Finance and License & Consumer Protection. The details are as follows:

Date: Thursday, March 12, 2009
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: Chicago City Hall, 2nd Floor
121 North La Salle Street
Chicago, IL

* Chicago residents, send a letter to the Alderman who represents your district. Go to the link above for a sample letter. Remember that this letter must be personalized and you need to include your full name and
mailing address so you will be recognized as a constituent. To find out who represents you, please click here.

* Fanciers who have traveled to Chicago to attend dog events, please personalize this sample letter(from the AKC link provided above) and send it to the authors, Aldermen Burke and Rugai as well as to Alderman Schulter, Chair of the Committee on Licensing and Consumer Protection.

* Club Officers, please have your club author a letter opposing this ordinance and send it to the Aldermen listed below. A sample letter to personalize can be found here. (same link as above)

Contact Information for the Aldermen Burke, Rugai and Schulter

Alderman Edward Burke Chair, Committee on Finance
121 N. LaSalle St., Room 302
Chicago, IL 60602 
FAX: (312) 744-1955

Alderman Virginia Rugai
121 N. LaSalle St., Room 300
Chicago, IL 60602
FAX: 773- 238-9049

Alderman Eugene Schulter
121 N. LaSalle St., Room 300
Chicago, IL 60602
FAX: 312-744-1509

For more information, contact AKC’s Government Relations Department at (919) 816-3720, or e-mail

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thank God I Am Not A Guardian

As most of you are aware, we have had very trying times here, i.e, the worst ice storm in history.  What you don't know is that last week we suffered a great personal tragedy as well.  Being a responsible dog owner is not always easy, especially when the time comes to make the decision as to when it is time to let them go.

In The Beginning...

Seger was one of those dogs that instantly won your heart.  He was our first AKC Champion, our first herding titled dog...a new beginning for me in the sport of purebred dogs.  I cried tears of joy when his breeder placed him in my hands that day, excited and anxious for the journey to begin.  Throughout his life, the decisions I made as his owner were not always easy, nor clear cut.  But they were mine to make:  not the decision of some third party, as would be the case if I were his guardian.

The Animal Rights lunatic fringe, such as PETA and the HSUS and the ASPCA, would love for the term owner to be eradicated from our language and our laws.   Instead we would be known by the fuzzy-wuzzy term, guardian or caretaker.  This clever word-play has been subliminally implanted into our everyday language, making the word OWNER a dirty word.  Owner, as relating to animals,  is being twisted into meaning we are callous, uncaring, and abusive.   According to the ARs, guardian is a friendlier word and, according to them, would actually cause people to treat their animals better...

Taking Away Our Rights...

The term "guardian" already has definitions in the law.  Generally, it means that you have no control or decisive power over the PERSON. Decisions as to care, especially.   A third party, usually a judge, is asked to make those decisions.  Can you imagine having a judge, or worse yet, some animal control board having the power to tell YOU what you can or cannot do for your animals??

Can you imagine having to postpone life-saving surgery for your dog and asking permission from some third party?  Worse still, imagine having the decision of when to euthanize being taken away, prolonging the suffering of the animal while some third party decides on whether or not you are allowed!

These scenarios are not far-fetched.  Nor are they the product of my grief stricken state of mind.  These scenarios can happen if we allow the AR lunatic fringe to take complete control of our society.  They will not rest until animals have "rights".  The right to not be eaten, the right to NOT reproduce, the right to NOT be hunted, and the most absurd, the right to NOT be OWNED.  The most important aspect to all of this is that under the Constitution of the United States of America, we, the people, have property rights:  the right to own property.  Animals are not human beings, they are our property.  It is beyond imperative that we hold onto that distinction, or our rights will be gone, and thus, the relationship with our animals as we know it today with it.

In The End...

Seger became very ill, very fast.  One day, he was herding sheep and the next morning he became so sick he could barely stand.  I helped him into the van and drove like a maniac to my vet, crying "Please, God, don't let him die".  Upon the exam, we discovered a tumor on his liver.  I knew what that meant:  our time together was limited.  I was faced with decisions that I didn't want to make, but I knew I had to.  For him. 

After he was stabalized, and spent a couple of nights at the clinic, I decided to bring him home and enjoy what time we had left together.  It was all so uncertain.  All I wanted was for him to get better, but I knew in my heart that that would never be.  The tumor was too large and I refused to subject him to drugs to try to shrink it that would only diminish the quality of life he had left.  His quality of life was more important than my selfish desire to hold onto him.

Seger loved being home, laying in his favorite spots around the house and just hanging out.  He was still weak, but happy and content.  I could see it in his eyes.  It was as if we were "making peace" with each other, enjoying each moment to the fullest. 

On Monday morning, March 2, Seger became ill again.  He refused to eat, and by looking into his eyes, I knew it was time.  My heart fought it...I didn't want to let him go, but I knew I had to.  The decision was mine to make, not anyone else's.  It's the hardest decision for an owner to make, but also the most loving and unselfish.  The drive to the clinic was painfully long and short, all at the same time.  Long because it gave me too much time to remember each moment in his life that we had shared.  And at that moment, remembering those times made me sad because I knew there would be no more moments for us.  Short because even though I knew I was doing the right thing, the time was passing too quickly for what I was about to do.  I questioned myself, "Am I doing the right thing?  Is it really time to say goodbye?"

I walked Seger down the long hallway to the exam room we had been to many times before.  Suddenly, he wasn't the adult Rottweiler at the end of his life, he was the 9 week old puppy in my arms, making his first vet visit.  When we reached the small room, I laid down on the cold floor next to my Seger-Man, holding him and hugging him and remembering those moments we had shared.  I was beyond being consolled and I didn't care.  Then, just as he had done so many years before when his breeder placed him lovingly in my arms, he raised his head up and licked away my tears for the last time.

In the very last moment of his life, he was taking care of me.  And in return, as his owner, I did the same for him.  Without interference, without the ARs permission...I, as his owner, his master, made the decision that was best for him.  Guardianship language under the law would have taken this decision out of my hands.  Guardianship language does not change how much, or how little, we care for our animals.  It, instead, takes away our rights, as their owners, to make the decisions on how and when and what kind of care we give them.

I am proud to say that I am a dog owner.  It isn't always easy, but I will fight to keep it from being any other way.

In Memory of "Seger", CH Von Riddle's Turn The Page HT RN PT CGC TT
May 23, 2001-March 2, 2009