Saturday, January 10, 2009

L.A. Times Blog: HSUS Is On the Defensive

While checking the L.A. Times blog earlier today, I noticed that not only my comment had been published, but the leader of the HSLF (Humane Society Legislative Fund) had chimed in defending the HSUS begging for dollars during the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe. 

If you will recall, the Louisiana Attorney General launched an investigation into the HSUS "fundraising" activities in relation to their campaign to "help the Katrina dogs".  Very little of those millions of dollars raised went to actually HELP the shelters down there, or the dogs.

I have to wonder just how many good-hearted people donated their hard earned money thinking they were directly helping shelters/animals in need, only to find out they had been duped. 

It is time to get angry, folks.  Get angry at the fact that the public has been misled one too many times by the fundraising antics of the HSUS...Get angry at the fact that the public has been misled into believing that the HSUS collected money under the guise of "helping the Vick dogs", when in truth, the HSUS stated that the Vick dogs should be killed.

We have the truth on our side and no matter what kind of P.R. "spin" the HSUS wants to put out there, it does not change a thing.


  1. agree with you 110%.

    Very glad to have found your blog; I thought I was the only one skeptical of the HSUS and downright incredulous of PETA. I'm not even sure about the ASPCA anymore, you know? Because what I'm finding is that no one really cares about the dogs--it's only about the agenda.

  2. Lots of people are onto the HSUS, Peta and the rest of them Kathy.

    We just don't get media coverage. Hopefully that is changing.

    This is a good blog, I just came across it today.

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