Friday, January 9, 2009

I Am A Proud Student at SEA KITTEN High School

Kids have a tough time as it is nowadays: peer pressure, picking a know, truly important decisions that will have an impact on the rest of their lives. Teachers, superintendents and school boards are responsible in making sure those kids have the best, safest environment in which to achieve their know, truly important stuff.
However, the lunatic fringe known as PETA, seems to think that changing the name of Spearfish High School in Spearfish, SD, to Sea Kitten High School, ranks right up there with SATs and the other truly important stuff.

Thankfully, high school principal, Steve Morford is not taking them seriously.

Kudos, to you, Principal Morford, for standing up to the lunatic fringe bullies known as PETA. And I am sure your students are thanking you too. Can you just imagine a student having to tell someone, "I am a student at Sea Kitten High School?" (Yeah, actually, I can, after same student has written a tell-all book on the torment endured during his high school years ...or maybe sitting on the couch of his shrink.)

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  1. They wanted the town of Fishkill, NY to change its name to Fishsave.
    "Kill" is a Dutch word for "stream."