Friday, May 29, 2009

HSUS: Criticism Equals Exploiters

In Wayne P's latest blog post, The HSuS Strategy for Success, Wayne once again tap-dances around the truth regarding all those millions in donations.  Why not just come right out and admit that the HSUS is nothing more than a animal radical lobbying group hell-bent on turning Americans into vegans?  Why not admit that the HSUS is NOT an umbrella group for animal shelters across the United States?  Why not admit that the HSUS has NO policing/government authority?

Because the donations would dry up, that's why.  So, in order to maintain hefty bank accounts and use that money to lobby away our constitutional rights, they choose instead to feed off of the very confusion their name invokes.  That's NOT honest any way you slice it. 

Wayne further whines in his blog about those of us that dare to criticize HSUS, calling such critics sympathizers/supporters/fronts for "dog fighters", "puppymills", "factory farms", the "meat industry", ad nauseum.  Well, I AM a critic of you, Mr Pacelle, and the vegan front group you lead, so if that makes me part of a "front group" I suppose I am.  Yes, indeed.  I am part of the "front group" for Americans that REFUSE to allow you and your minority ideals of veganism to strip us of our constitutional rights. (and if you want to call us by a name, then I guess you can call us "Freedom Fighters")

Does that mean I favor dog fighting, animal abuse or cruelty?  Absolutely not.  But it will be a cold day in hell before I stand with the likes of you and your ilk, Mr Pacelle, because unlike you and your lobbying organization, I believe in due process of law, the constitution of the United States, the right to hunt, fish, trap, wear fur, go to circuses and rodeos, and to breed and own pets of my choosing.

Call us exploiters all you like, but perhaps you should take a good long look in the mirror before you do.  After all, playing on the emotions of the animal loving public to fund a hidden vegan agenda is expoitation.  And just a little fraudulent.  Lobbying for legislation that allows for warrantless inspections/searches of private property, or for legislation that calls for the taking of one's personal property (i.e, animals) without due process or compensation shows us just what little regard you have for our constitution, or for HUMAN rights.

Keep on bloggin', Mr P, because every time you do your true colors come through loud and clear.


  1. Totally correct. And they squander donations on more fundraising with calendars, labels, lunch bags, and other assorted junk.