Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How to Kill the 900 LB HSUS Gorilla in 60 Seconds or Less

In case you haven't heard, WSB-TV Atlanta aired a telling expose last week on the deceptively named Humane Society of the United States.  Unfortunately, after only 24 hours of that airing, all mentions of that piece were removed from the station's website.

Whether the HSUS turned their lawyers loose on the station with threats is being speculated.  The video made an appearance on YouTube garnering tens of thousands of hits before being removed due to "copyright" issues.  Yeah, right.  It was more than likely removed due to "bank account" infringement.

If the mighty HSUS is trying to do "damage control", they are doing a piss poor job of it.  Wayne-O desperately tried to explain in his blog that the Hurricane Katrina money was used to help those animal victims ...What he FORGOT to mention is that not a dime in Katrina money was spent until AFTER  the Louisiana Attorney General launched an 18 month investigation into just where that $34 million in donations went.  So, the lying HSUS went in and donated a paltry sum to build a new animal shelter.  Big fat hairy deal, Wayne.  Unless that shelter cost $34 million, the HSUS has still got a LOT of 'splainin' to do!

 The damage has been done.  The truth was uncovered and now MILLIONS of United States donors (and would be donors) know of the HSUS deception in fundraising all in the name of "saving the animals".

So, how can we make sure that millions MORE people see that infamous video??  By cross-posting the following links to every email list, by sending it to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, AND LEGISLATORS!  It turns out this video is alive and well on an Iranian (GO FIGURE!) video sharing site.  (Many thanks to Walt on Pet-Law for providing these valuable links!)

The PetPac copy of the transcript of the broadcast, including the statement that PetPac  has been told to take the transcript down:

The high definition (55 meg) version on Vidoosh, an Iranian video sharing site:

A smaller version (9 megs) in Windows media format (.WMV) on USENDIT:


A still smaller version (8 megs) in .MOV format. This is the quickest of all to view if you have only dial up service.

If YOU want to continue to be able to enjoy eating meat, owning pets, hunting, fishing, and to PROTECT your rights with regards to such activities, then it is imperative that the truth continues to be told and shared.

 WSB is the first tv station with the intestinal fortitude to expose the deception at HSUS.  The non-profit Center for Consumer Freedom has given a HUGE boost to the cause of protecting our rights as dog owners and breeders by helping to expose the hypocrisy.  In addition to spreading this post far and wide, you can help with the next phase of the HSUS undoing by donating what you can to the CCF to help with the making of a HSUS documentary that WON'T be pulled and buried on the internet!

That's right, that little "disappearing video expose" was just the beginning...ain't life a bitch.


  1. This newscast is getting so much more exposure due to H$U$ trying to bully it off the air. Glad to see them fumble like this. Think millions will ultimately see it, rather than the few thousand that saw the original. Far as I know, it's also still up at PirateBay.com -- spread all the links far & wide!

  2. For a minute there, I was proud to be living in Georgia -- too bad they went and pulled it off the original site! Sometimes it's a good thing that it's so difficult to make content vanish forever.

    Of course, any research article from thirty years ago I want to find is vanished more completely than the dodo, but so it goes. Anyway, my old Today blog has a post with links to the actual mission statements of PETA and HSUS; that particular post still gets hits, which makes me happy. I figure that people who actually read what the well-buried mission statements actually say are far less likely to hand over their money.