Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ANTI-H$U$ Gear Now Available!

Since the wonderful expose on the deceitful Humane Society of the United States aired on an Atlanta tv station, the heat is ON.  The greedy HSUS has been bullying their way around the internet pulling the video from YouTube and any site that dares to post it. 

Makes one wonder WHY?  Because the truth hurts(their bank accounts!), that's WHY.   The courageous expose done by WSB Atlanta did more to discredit the Humane Society of the United States than we have done in the past 5 years.  And the HSUS knows it.

Animal lovers can now take the ANTI-H$U$ message with them in the form of a quality t-shirt or decal!!!

These items are great conversation starters and will give your "GOT 50?" campaign a big boost!

To order your ANTI-H$U$ gear, visit the following e-bay store, Good Dogs USA

I received mine and am proud to wear it!  Help spread the word further...the public has a RIGHT to know just how deceptive the Humane Society of the United States really is.

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  1. That's a great idea. So many otherwise well informed people still think the HSUS is a compassionate group that cares for pets. This would be a good way to broach the subject.

    "Someone" removed two videos that I had linked to, but the one I have now is staying live. It's from Iran. Ironic, hm?