Monday, June 1, 2009

Dog Breeders : Signs of the times

There is no doubt that America has changed in the past decade regarding animal husbandry issues.  (No) thanks to Animal Radical (AR) groups like the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the words "dog breeder" is now another "4-letter word".  It has become a sin to "buy from a breeder" rather than "adopt from a shelter".  One is considered "mean, cruel and abusive" if a dog is made to live outside.  When did this happen?  Why have we allowed these Animal Radicals to dictate to us what is "bad"?  And yes, we DID allow this to happen every time a donation was made to the HSUS, PETA and their ilk.  We DID allow this change in public perception every time we remained silent when a fellow dog breeder was being raked across the coals for breeding their dogs and heaven forbid! For selling their puppies!

On a weekly basis, I read story after story of dog breeders living in fear and being harrassed.  For what, you ask?  Simply because they choose to breed their dogs, or they own "more" dogs than anyone could possibly "ever" care for.  According to whose judgement or to what standards?  Why is it automatically "assumed" that anyone who owns/breeds more than "insert number here" of dogs is "bad"/neglectful/abusive?  (I refuse to use the "P.M" word, tho that is what people are often called when one owns "more dogs"/"breeds more litters" than anyone "should")  Dog owners and breeders are being forced to go into hiding in Los Angeles, Louisville, KY, and points in between due to overzealous animal control and do-gooder Animal Radical sympathizers.  Makes me almost wish we could return to a time when all we had to fear from the 'net was stalkers...

I read on a daily basis where breeders have removed their addresses, phone numbers and other information that would identify them from their websites.  This is a double edged sword:  people are forced to do this in an effort to protect themselves, but it makes it even harder for potential puppy buyers.  Wonder where those puppy buyers end up going if they can't find a breeder in their area? 

In today's world with the power of the internet, information is a click away:  any information, including where you live, your phone number, aerial photos of YOUR house and property.  Information that is readily available to friends and foes alike.  Information that the Animal Radicals can easily access and use to find YOU and YOUR dogs.  It doesn't matter that your house and dogs and property are immaculately kept.  It doesn't matter if all of your ducks are in a row with paperwork about your dogs and breeding program.  All it takes is one whacked out Animal Radical that doesn't like the fact that your "poor doggies" are "forced" to breed, or are kept in a crate, or that they like to play in mud and you haven't had a chance to give them a bath yet. 

Are we, as a society, truly THAT weak that we have allowed groups such as the HSUS dictate to us what is right or wrong?  Remember folks:  this is still the United States of America, where the great Constitution and the Bill of Rights guarantee us the RIGHT TO OWN PROPERTY.  Too many people have forgotten that fact and are willing to throw away the RIGHTS that many, many soldiers have fought and died for.  And for what?  Someone "else's" ideas of how many dogs I can own or breed or sell? 

The times have changed, and as long as we allow the Animal Radical groups such as the HSUS to dictate to us how we should/should not breed/own, etc, our dogs, it will only get worse.  I, for one, am not willing to let that happen, and neither are the residents of the great states of Oklahoma, Colorado, Florida, Arkansas, and many other states that have stood up and made their voices heard loud and clear when legislation was introduced this year by saying, "NO! NO! NO! You will NOT tell me how many dogs I can own or sell or breed.  You will NOT force me to spay/neuter my dogs!"

We can change the tide:  just stand up and say, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"


  1. Enough is definitely enough!

  2. Just helping you check if there is a problem. Your above article is right on!


  3. Thanks - now how do we educate JQP that HSUS is NOT the god of all goodness for animals?

  4. Please sign this and pass it on!

  5. GREAT article. We need to stand together, and let them know they are NOT going to take away our rights to own/breed/show dogs/cats, or any other type of animal.