Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just Bad Luck or Something Devious?

Welcome to my nightmare. 

The problems with my blog and, in particular, the link to the "HSUS 900lb Gorilla" post, began hours after I published it to the web.  Users reported error messages when trying to access the post, or in some cases the window would just close on its own.

I'm not that technical of a person when it comes to "compromising" or "hijacking" a website /blog/whatever.  And it may just be a case of bad luck.  However, this afternoon my computer "fell ill" under mysterious reasons causing me to lose EVERYTHING on my hard drive: pictures of dogs no longer with me, thousands of documents, email addresses...gone.  Vanished.

I am having this looked into for whatever it will be worth.  In the meantime, I am using a backup computer to ensure the TRUTH is kept alive.  All of this may just be bad luck, but it could also be a case of trying to shut me up.

For those that know me personally, you know that ain't gonna happen!  It takes more than being "watched" by the animal radicals (AR); it takes more than "intimidating" messages...not even a total computer crash will stop me from exposing the animal radicals (AR) and their agenda.

Keep the TRUTH alive.  Forward and forward AGAIN the links to the video HSUS does NOT want in the public eye.  We are making HUGE headway into exposing the masters of deception.  The WSB Atlanta station gave us a huge helping hand...don't drop the ball.

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