Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Article Hijacked Evidentally The Truth Hurts, Especially Million Dollar HSUS Bank Accounts

Evidentally yesterday's blog post entitled, "How To Kill the 900LB HSUS Gorilla in 60 Seconds or Less" has gotten some folks upset.  So upset in fact that the link to that post has been tampered with.  It is still available on the main page, but links to that post do not work.

This tells me the HSUS does NOT want any reference to the telling WSB Atlanta expose floating around anywhere.  It also tells me the HSUS is running scared for the first time.  And with good reason:  their hefty bank accounts are being threatened because that little video expose told the truth about how their donations AREN'T used.

I won't back down.  I will not be silenced. The link to this post will probably get tampered with too.  That's fine.  I will keep posting and reposting a thousand times over if necessary.  PLEASE copy and paste this blog post into an email and forward it far and wide.  WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!  Keep spreading the truth!

 The truth is out there on the web.  Here are the links again to the video the HSUS does NOT want the public to see.

The PetPac copy of the transcript of the broadcast, including the statement that PetPac has been told to take the transcript down:

The high definition (55 meg) version on Vidoosh, an Iranian video sharing site:

A smaller version (9 megs) in Windows media format (.WMV) on USENDIT:

A still smaller version (8 megs) in .MOV format. This is the quickest of all to view if you have only dial up service. 


  1. Thank you for keeping these videos alive and the links available. I have crossposted these two posts on my website.

  2. Links to the post are working for me! There's a new streaming version provided by WikiLeaks and mirrored on servers all around the world:

    I'm thinkin' about getting myself some offshore server space...