Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lie Down With Dogs, Wake Up With Fleas

Ok, so the whole purpose to this blogging thing is to educate the animal owning masses on the dangers the Animal Rights groups pose to us.  So, in order to do that, my blog needs exposure.  That means linking to other blogs, websites, posting in forums, etc.  I try to put my blog out there where Joe-The-Dog-Owner will see it.  The more exposure, the better, right??

Tonight I was visiting some blogs that I read often when I came across an eye-catching widget for a site called Dogtime.  Hmm, that sounded promising:  a site for dog lovers that I could potentially list my blog!  I began to prowl around the site 'cuz you never know these days...

One of the first things I checked out was their Partners link.  Call me a skeptic, but before I ever clicked on that link, I had a sinking feeling I knew what I would find.  And it wouldn't be good.  Nope.  Not at all.

There it was...a logo for none other than the biggest, wealthiest, lying-est, most deceitful Animal Rights group of them all:  The HSUS.  My heart sank. 
Maybe the powers that be at Dogtime aren't aware of the HSUS' true agenda...maybe they have fallen victim to their propaganda like millions of other well-meaning folks in the United States??  Maybe they don't know about "One Generation and OUT"...

Does Dogtime NOT realize that by aligning themselves with Animal Rights groups (that cleverly disguise themselves as animal welfare) that they are HELPING to push their agenda of no pet ownership, much less the agenda to wipe out purebred dog breeding??  Does Dogtime NOT realize that the HSUS is an OPPONENT of  the NO-KILL shelter movement?

Be careful with whom you lie down with...those fleas are a bitch.


  1. Hi Robin I am a dogtime blogstar and aware that they receive money from HSUS.However that is not going to stop me in the coming weeks to blast PETA and HSUS...I would like more info on the support of HSUS behind Obama if you know of any.
    Love all your posts!

  2. Ask and ye shall receive: The HSLF (Humane Society Legislative Fund) is the political arm of the HSUS. The HSUS, itself, cannot "support" any candidate as a "charity"..soo, the HSLF was born. Pretty clever little devils aren't they?
    Here's the link: