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ALERT: Join The Crusade AGAINST The HSUS..Pass It Forward

Fellow Anti-Animal "Rights" blogger, petdefense, has just posted an excellent idea on exposing the HSUS.

We CAN expose the deceptive Humane Society of the United States without hiring an expensive p.r. firm...Animal owners are quite capable of doing their own public relations by way of the internet, blogs, email, forums, etc...All we have to do is USE those tools to OUR advantage the same way the ARs have done for decades.

If you have a blog, simply pass it forward! Send it to your email lists and post in forums! (But please, do so responsibly, don't spam, k?) What are you waiting for??? JOIN THE CRUSADE AGAINST THE HSUS!

The following is from the petdefense blog:

Do you know one of the fastest methods of marketing used to quickly gain other participants, which can be exponential in breadth and scope –is by using levels of people. Just pick out say 10-50 as an initial goal, and all you do is forward this article. That’s right. This is just to inform people of the truth. Many pet owners or fanciers, business owners or community people have tons of friends and others who would like to KNOW the truth. People who want to buy a dog. People who don’t know about HSUS.

Make sure to tell THEM to do the same thing with 10-50 emails. This is VITAL. Do not spam people. Either send to someone you know, or post it online somewhere (blog, forum, newspaper blog replies, Kijiji forum, wherever..) This is for education purposes. HSUS hires telemarketers. We don’t need to hire telemarketers because we already have enough people.

We have way more people than HSUS does. Especially if each person does what is stated above. If you know anything about math, (exponential power) you can see that we can get millions of postings and emails. And when millions of people know, they tell others. That is how Obama got a lot of people to vote. Email and posting online.

You know how rumors get started and end up as “urban legends?”

Well, we are going to make this one a non-urban legend about HSUS.

If you doubt the ability to get this done, then you haven’t been online enough. Word travels so fast online, it can take the place of 100 news broadcasts because so many people see it AT THE SAME TIME. HSUS is like Peta— but with the Political Push.

HSUS spends millions on programs that seek to economically cripple meat and dairy producers; eliminate the use of animals in biomedical research labs; phase out pet breeding, zoos, and circus animal acts; and demonize hunters as crazed lunatics. HSUS spends $2 million each year on travel expenses alone, just keeping its multi-national agenda going. That’s from, but it makes no difference. It’s all true.
Still not convinced about HSUS fleecing the public? and [ And make sure to see paragraphs below, which tell about HSUS' involvement in different lawsuits.]

In 2005 Wayne Pacelle announced the formation of a new “Animal Protection Litigation Section” within HSUS, dedicated to “the process of researching, preparing, and prosecuting animal protection lawsuits in state and federal court.” [Note: What this really means is that HSUS becomes involved in LEGISLATION aimed at stopping the selling of pets, notably dogs; HSUS puts videos on mainstream TV and then tells the public to donate, while saying HSUS is "stopping" milled dogs--but behind the scenes, they are advising cities to implement sterilization of all pets, no buying, no breeding of animals, and forced adoption of shelter animals, not buying from stores; HSUS attempts to pass laws pushing MSN, forfeiture of dogs, and restrictions of pets including no tethering, etc]

2000………….HSUS sent avowed member of Animal Liberation Front (ALF) JP Goodwin overseas on an “anti-fur” junket….less than a year later he was titled ‘legislative affairs staffer” and now (2008)–Goodwin is claimed to be an “expert” in dogfighting by HSUS, however when in court to testify as such, the court found he was NOT an expert. He may have experience being in prison, but he’s not an expert on dogs.

Goodwin stated in 1997, to the Deseret News, regarding a fire causing nearly $1,000,000 in damages to a slaughterhouse, “We’re estatic.”

HSUS hired Miyun Park, a DC anti-meat activist, who was acknowledged in 1999 as a financial benefactor of No Compromise magazine, a publication supporting ALF, which promotes arson/other violent tactics. Park was named in at least 6 federal wiretap warrants in the SHAC7 case (which resulted in 24yr total prison time for perpetrators)

2003, Ariana Huemer, HSUS govt affairs employee, apparently wrote a check to Daniel Andreas San Diego, who is presumed responsible for 10 pound shrapnel bombs detonated in 2003 at two CA biomedical research companies. One bomb had a secondary devise, timed to go off after firefighters arrived on scene.

In addition to the HSUS flagship offices in Maryland and DC, the organization’s global network includes control over the following legal corporations (this list is evolving as new information becomes available):

Nonprofit affiliates:

Alice Morgan Wright-Edith Goode Fund (DC);

Alternative Congress Trust (DC);

Animal Channel (DC);

Association Humanataria De Costa Rica;

Center for the Respect of Life and Environment (DC);

Charlotte and William Parks Foundation for Animal Welfare (DC);

Conservation Endowment Fund (see ICEC) (CA);

Earth Restoration Corps. (DC);

Earthkind Inc. (DC);

Earthkind International Inc. (DC);

Earthkind USA (DC);

Earthkind USA (MT);

Earthkind UK [ also affiliated with the International Fund for Animal Welfare];

Earthvoice (DC);

Earthvoice International (DC);

Eating with a Conscience Campaign (DC);

HSUS Hollywood Office (formerly The Ark Trust Inc.) (CA);

Humane Society International (DC), which also operates the International Center for Earth Concerns (ICEC) in Ojai, California,the Center for Earth Concerns in Costa Rica, and the Conservation Endowment Fund in California;

Humane Society International Australian Office Inc.;

Humane Society International of Latin America;

Humane Society of the United States (DE);

Humane Society of the United States (MD);

Humane Society of the United States (MT);

Humane Society of the United States (PA);

Humane Society of the United States (VT);

Humane Society of the United States California Branch Inc. (CA);

Humane Society of the United States New Jersey Branch Inc. (NJ);

Humane Society of the United States Wildlife Land Trust (DC);

Humane Society of the United States Wildlife Land Trust (KS);

Humane Society of the United States Wildlife Land Trust (OK);

Humane Society of the United States Utah State Branch (UT);

Humane Society University (DC);

Institute for the Study of Animal Problems (DC);

Interfaith Council for the Protection of Animals and Nature (GA);

International Society for the Protection of Animals (UK);

International Wilderness Leadership Wild Foundation Inc. [d/b/a The WILD Foundation] (CA);

Kindness Club International Inc. (DC);

Meadowcreek Project Inc. (AR);

Meadowcreek Inc. (AR);

National Association for Humane and Environmental Education (DC);

National Humane Education Center (VA);

Species Survival Network (MI);

Valerie Sheppard Humane Society University (DC);

Wildlife Rehabilitation Training Center (MA);

World Federation for the Protection of Animals Inc. (DC);

World Society for the Protection of Animals (DC);

World Society for the Protection of Animals (IA);

World Society for the Protection of Animals (ND);

World Society for the Protection of Animals (VT);

World Society for the Protection of Animals - Canada;World Society for the Protection of Animals - Deutschland;

World Society for the Protection of Animals International (UK);

World Society for the Protection of Animals UK (UK); andWorldwide Network Inc. (DC).

For-profit affiliates:

The Humane Catalog (VA);

Humane Equity Fund [defunct] (DC);

Humane Society Press (DC);

Humane Society of the United States Connecticut Branch Inc. (CT);

Humane Society of the United States Virginia Branch Inc. (VA);

World Society for the Protection of Animals (MA);

World Society for the Protection of Animals - Australia;

World Society for the Protection of Animals Executor Services (UK);

World Society for the Protection of Animals Trading Company (UK).

This list may not be completely updated, but was at time of initial printing by

HSUS is responsible for helping Louisville KY come up with the draconian pet laws now the subject of a federal lawsuit (2008), in which the COURT denied the amicus briefs of HSUS TWICE (in other words, the Court refused to allow it to be filed)

HSUS submitted to the Denver Fed Appellate Court this year (2008) an animcus brief claiming that dog breeds can be identified with 99% accuracy without bothering to explain such “accuracy” is only considered to be for entertainment purposes, not scientifically used as a reliable test at this stage (for breed)– due to the testing being in infancy stage. HSUS also submitted an amicus brief on the R. Stevens case, and Stevens was found not guilty in a precedential case on free speech issues (2008.)

HSUS is going around the country offering $5,000 for info leading to conviction of “dogfighters” and has purposely engaged in orchestrated raids of large and medium kennels of dogs, purposely killing ALL the dogs upon seizure, even when the court verdicts led to acquittal of the owners. HSUS solicited donations for the Vick dogs when they did not HAVE custody of such dogs!! In fact HSUS wrote letters advocating the dogs should be killed. Soliciting donations for dogs one doesn’t have amounts to fabrication. Lying.

HSUS purposely engages itself with local humane society groups so that HSUS can be involved in KENNEL RAIDS of small dogs, with the intent being that all such dogs will be seized and taken. HSUS often uses Best Friends, ASPCA, Last Chance for Animals and the like, to help out. No charges of abuse or gross neglect need be filed, in fact in one case, it was set up to seize the animals by saying there was an “environmental” violation of putting dog urine in the river. HSUS then broadcasts such RAIDS across the United States, and then helps groups sell the dogs the week following the RAID.

HSUS purposely has “merged” with other large AR groups (Doris Day, etc) and thus can more easily manipulate the MEDIA because of the excessive amounts of DONATIONS from misleading the public………………

Please forward to others who will do the same! The truth about PETA has been out for awhile, but HSUS credibilty needs to be hit with the sledgehammer. And it’s now Hammertime! AB1634 was defeated in CA with massive numbers of opposition. We need to do the same, only MORE–against HSUS.

This is just one spoke in a large wheel of many people who don’t like liars trying to force their methods down our throats……………Make sure to see Gerry Spence’s take on corporations (like HSUS) that use propaganda to dumbdown the public on TV (see Petdefense, or )

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