Tuesday, December 16, 2008

4 Paws Up: The Monthly National Legislation Report!

I cannot begin to comprehend the amount of work and level of commitment needed to put The Monthly National Legislation Report together! 

This site lists* by state* laws that impact dog and other animal owners, such as BSL (Breed Specific Legislation), MSN (Mandatory Spay/Neuter), breeder "permits", and all the rest.  Also, alerts are given for upcoming city/council/county meetings where proposed laws will be discussed or voted upon.  The report also covers laws in other countries.  If you are a dog owner, this site is a MUST READ...remember:  Forewarned is Forearmed.

The report is compiled monthly by volunteers, Ken Sondej of the Silver State Kennel Club, Inc, and Linda D. Witouski of the Myrtle Beach Kennel Club, Inc.  These two individuals deserve our thanks and deepest gratitude for being in the trenches, keeping all of us informed, devoting many, many hours (I'm sure) to keep YOU and ME informed. 

Protect your dogs, protect your rights!  Stay informed!  The information is there...choosing to turn a blind eye to the laws that will impact all of us is a terrible disservice to the dogs we profess to love.

What are you waiting for, subscribe to The Monthly National Legislation Report NOW!  Just do it, k?


  1. Hello from another AR hater and a new follower of your blog.

    I can't get the link to the National Monthly Legislation report to work. but I googled it and found it OK.

    Thanks I'd never come across it before.

    Have you ever thought of joining peta-sucks.com?

    We need more members like you.

    Keep up the good work. the more people that know and understand the true agenda behind the AR movement the better.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up on peta-sucks!
    I joined and plan on blogging about it soon!

  3. Wondering if anyone has tried the Pedi Paws ? I saw it at HarrietCarter.com

  4. @John,
    I have no idea about Pedi Paws...
    But a Dremel tool will do the same thing....it's what I've used for 16 yrs..

    Thanks all for reading!

  5. Hey ! I just saw your comments today and can't thank you enough for your support of our Monthly Report ! Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!


    P.S. You get the work load down to a science after a while... !!!