Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why I Started This Blog...

I started this blog to educate the public on the radical Animal Rights Agenda and their goal of total animal liberation. Which led to the title of this blog: The Endangered Owner. You see, if groups such as PeTA and The Humane Society of the United States have their way, the concept of "owning" or "using" animals, in any form, will become extinct. Ownership and breeding of any animal will become a "fad" of the past. We are fast on our way to becoming "guardians" to our animals rather than "owners". The words "owners" and "breeders" have been added to the list of dirty words not fit for civilized conversation.

We, as dog owners and breeders, are under constant fire from Animal Rights groups (ARs). By pushing for legislation such as mandatory spay/neuter (MSN), breed specific legislation (BSL), and breeder permits and the like, our RIGHTS to own, breed, and use animals are being stripped away little by little. With the recent passing of Proposition 2 in California, the ARs are seeing to it that Americans will have to pay through the nose for staples such as eggs and chicken. But, hey, as long as the chickens are happy, that's all that matters, right? To hell with us evil humans!

Using the guise of "animal welfare", The Humane Society of the United States (H$U$) has grown into the wealthiest and most powerful Animal Rights group in the world. Their very name invokes confusion among its many donors. The H$U$ is NOT an animal shelter. The H$U$ does NOT operate shelters around the country. The H$U$ does NOT use it's millions and millions of dollars to help feed animals, nor does it give money to shelters for day to day operations in caring for these animals.

So, what DO they DO with all of that dough??? The H$U$ lobbies. The H$U$ pushes for more and more restrictive laws concerning pets, breeders, and livestock used for food. The H$U$ would like nothing more than to make the United States of America a vegan country: no more animals used in ANY way. NOT for food, NOT for entertainment (circuses, zoos, rodeos), NOT for much needed medical testing for diseases such as AIDS, cancer, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis....NOT even as pets.

Of course, no one in their right mind would donate to such a group if they were up front from the beginning and explained, "Hey, we want everybody to be a vegan and we want ALL animals to live and die free from their human oppressors"...That kind of agenda doesn't appeal to the millions and millions of us that like a good steak and enjoy our pets, does it? That kind of honesty wouldn't generate millions of dollars in donations now, would it? Of course NOT!

So, to be able to rake in the big bucks, the H$U$ continues to allow the public to believe that all of those millions goes to "help the animals", using the very confusion their name invokes to their advantage. The H$U$ is the master of manipulation. They manipulate our emotions, our sense of decency, manipulate our love and need for animals...and manipulate our dollars out of our wallets and into their war chest: all to be used to further their own sick, socialist agenda.

What can we do to STOP THE MADNESS and take back OUR RIGHTS and become the voice of REASON? It's very elementary: STOP GIVING THEM MONEY! STOP GIVING THEM POWER BY USING THEIR LANGUAGE! These are two very basic things EVERYONE can do and MUST do if us sane folk are to take back our animals and our rights to own and breed them.

What do I mean by "stop giving them power by using their language"? The Animal Rightists (ARs) are masters of manipulation. They use words that make us "feel good", especially when it comes to our pets. The following list of words should be removed from our vocabularies immediately, as each time we utter them, we yield more power and control to the enemy:

1. "Guardian": This term has a completely different legal meaning than "owner". "Guardians" do not "own" what they are "overseeing". Dogs are property, therefore, we OWN them. We are responsible for their care and we are responsible for their actions. If the word "guardian" is replaced in current laws, who will make the decisions concerning their care? Who will be financially responsible for any damages they may do? The "idea" behind using this fuzzy wuzzy term is that by labeling us "guardians", it will "make" people be more kind and treat their animals more "humane".

2. "Backyard Breeder": A derogatory term used to describe someone who "doesn't breed the way WE think they should", on a small scale, with a small number of dogs.....Used among the dog showing community to separate "us" from "them"...."good" from "bad"....(the whole divide and conquer thing)

3. "Puppy Mill": This term could fill a website all on it's own. Like it's cousin, the "backyard breeder", a "puppy mill" is reserved for anyone who "doesn't breed the way WE think they should" as well, except it's original intent was to describe the "filthy deplorable conditions of commercial breeders" and for breeders that "have hundreds of dogs and dozens of breeds and breeds every bitch every time they come in heat" (aka, USDA licensed breeders, you know, the ones that sell all of those sick/psychotic puppies to pet shops). Also used among breeders to separate "us" from "them" and "good" from "bad". The H$U$ has used this one to its advantage big time, lobbying for laws in several states (carefully worded, mind you) to "stop the puppy mills"...But what is a "puppy mill"? There is no legal definition. The H$U$ is quickly changing its meaning to cover anyone that sells over the internet, or thru classified ads. How many "show breeders" do you know that have websites? The gap is closing....more on this subject later.

4. "Adopt/Adoption": Another emotionally charged "feel good" term. Since we've already established the fact that dogs are property, any time money is exchanged for goods, that means you "buy" something under the law: whether the animal comes from a shelter, rescue or breeder, you are giving money in exchange for something. "Adopt" is another divide and conquer word. By using mottos such as "save a life, adopt" and "don't breed or buy while shelter animals die", it gives people the feeling of "doing good"...while at the same time saying that "buying from a breeder" is bad. (very clever on the ARs part, divide the rescue/shelter community from the "evil breeders") (Important note: there are great shelters and rescues out there, there are some that are not so great...just like there are great and not so great breeders)

There are others, but these are the "Big 4" in my book. If we are going to win the war for our animals and our rights to own them, the simple act of NOT using their language is a valuable tool. It's way past time to stop the madness. The time to UNITE is NOW. ALL breeders, ALL animal owners and livestock farmers are in danger of losing our constitutional rights to our property (i.e, our animals).

Which side will YOU be on? Remember: The "US" in the war of "us vs them", is "US" means all breeders and animal owners from all walks of life, the "THEM" are the Animal Rights groups.

Will you become one of US? Or will you continue to allow the AR groups to use YOU (and your hard earned dollars) against us?


  1. Good job Robin! I agree.

  2. Now Breeders must beware of Criminal Home Invasions!

    Dateline: Reno, Nevada

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    Two high-priced puppies stolen from Reno home; mother dog killed