Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Louisville, KY: Look Out, Here Comes Animal Control!

Look out you criminal dog breeders! Animal Control is on the prowl and, evidentally, they don't need a warrant to come onto your property and take your animals....nor do they have to allow you due process! Isn't there something in this country called the Constitution?

I have heard rumors that there were dirty deeds being commited by Animal Control...and now this story as covered by WHAS11, "Man's Puppies Taken After Undercover Sting"

In my opinion, this is abuse of power: Taking one's property without a warrant...demanding entry into someone's home....scaring the daylights out of property owners and their children....what is going on???

The last time I checked, Louisville has REAL problems with REAL crime....I guess now being an "unlicensed dog breeder" puts you in the same category as the rapists and murderers. Sad.

Oh, did I mention that the puppies taken were "pitbulls"? Interesting, since the draconian Louisville dog ordinance was originally written as BSL (breed specific legislation) against the "breed", but was amended to remove breed specific language. I guess the Animal Rightists will wipe out the "breed" in that city no matter what....even if it means denying people their Constitutional Rights.

Wonder if the dogs would have been confiscated if they were, say Dachshunds? Hmmmm....

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  1. If this breeder was an unlicensed dog breeder and was not keeping his or her dogs in good condition, and was breeding them as often as he or she could, then I say good on animal control. At least in this area they have the balls to act on behalf of the animals. It doesn't matter wether the dogs are pit bulls or chihuahuas if they need to be removed due to abuse or neglect the person brought whatever trauma that animal control caused them onto themselves.