Sunday, November 30, 2008

More Photos....(This is WHY I Fight..)

I thought I would share some more photos of my dogs herding....The first two are of my girl, "Tori", at the wee age of 8 weeks being introduced to ducks for the first time. It's truly amazing to watch a dog do what it was bred to do. "Tori" also has earned 3 points in the breed ring towards her AKC Championship title. She is now 15 months how time flies...

Below, is one of my boys, "Seger", pictured earning the first leg of his HT (Herding Tested title) at Purina Farms. "Seger" is an AKC Champion and also has his RN (Rally Novice title), CGC (AKC Canine Good Citizen), HT (Herding Tested title, has one leg towards his PT (Pre-Trial Tested title, herding) and has passed his TT (Temperament Test, issued by the American Temperament Test Society)

"Seger" demonstrating his finesse` on ducks for the first time

"Lynyrd guides the little lamb"

Last, and certainly not least, is "Lynyrd". (yes, he is named after the band) "Lynyrd" is shown above guiding the little lamb. The lamb didn't want to go with the others around the field, that's when "Lynyrd's" ability kicked in. He went to the lamb and brought him back to the others. "Lynyrd" is also an AKC Champion (with multiple group placements and specialty wins) and has earned his RN, HT, PT and CGC.

This is why I fight for my rights, and the rights of others, to own and breed purebred dogs. It's imperative to be able to preserve and protect them if we want to have future generations of herders, retrievers, ratters and companions.

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