Sunday, November 30, 2008

This Is WHY I Fight...

At the request of some of my readers (Thanks, all!), I decided to include some pics of my dogs.

Hopefully, this will give ya'll some insight as to why I'm such an opponent of the animal rights agenda...and why we must all join together to banish the notion of animals having "rights".

If animals had "rights", I wouldn't be able to herd with my dogs, 'cause, you know, it's sooo mean to make a dog chase those poor wittle sheep.

Newsflash: Rottweilers, along with the traditional herding breeds, are BRED to herd (among other things). The instinct to herd is either "there" or can't force a dog to herd, any more than you can... a cat. (now I'm envisioning a cat "herding" a bunch of mice..hehehe)

Purebred dogs are bred for a purpose. Each breed having a specific set of traits, both physical and instinctual. These physical traits such as size, weight, color, markings, etc., are what set the Rottweiler (for example) apart from other breeds. Dogs bred to work with man such as the working and herding breeds have been selectively bred for generations to do what they do. It's no accident.
The ARs, such as PeTA and the H$U$, don't believe anyone should breed dogs. Period. Not for any reason. Hmmm, excuse me, but, I for one want to continue to own a PUREBRED dog (not a mutt)...if for no other reason than I want to, and who died and made Ingrid Newkirk and Wayne Pacelle the end-all-be-all "dictators" when it comes to what *I* can and can't do???

This is why I fight the Animal Rightists and their foot-soldiers and the legislation they try to force down my throat. I don't want to own a mutt. I want my purebreds, my Rottweilers. I don't want decisions regarding my dogs' care being put in the hands of the government, as in mandatory spay/neuter laws.

I love my dogs and I love my chosen breed, the Rottweiler. I want to make sure I have the choice in the future and for future generations to own and/or breed the dog of our choosing.

I love dog shows and being able to exhibit my dogs in conformation and herding and obedience and rally events. My dogs love it...they love the attention, they love to travel, and they thrive on the mental stimulation the events bring.

Dogs are animals...not humans in "fur suits", no matter how the ARs want to word it. And contrary to their propaganda, those of us that choose to work and / or show our dogs aren't evil animal abusers, either.

If you have never had the pleasure of watching a dog herd or lure course, or hunt...if you have never sat in awe, watching that "light bulb" go off , switching on that natural should. It's a beautiful and amazing thing.

And that's why I fight the Animal Rightists...


  1. I never knew Rotts were used for herding, thanks for teaching me something new today. Keep up the fight!

  2. Thank You, Jerry, for reading my blog :-))
    Yes, Rotties are thought to be decended from the drover-type dogs the Roman Army brought with them when they crossed the Swiss Alps around 700 A.D.
    The locals (in Rottweil Germany) appreciated the dog as it had the ability to do many things: herd/guard stock, pull butcher's carts (referred to as "the butcher's dog") as well as protect their money...protect their home and master..
    They are truly a remarkable breed.
    Thanks for stopping by!