Thursday, February 18, 2010

PLEASE HELP: We Must Stop These Phonies!

Dear True Friends of Animals,

I write this to you today with the greatest of urgency!  In case you are unaware, there is a huge scam currently underway in the United States. 

The Humane Society of the United States calls itself the world's "largest animal protection organization" and claims to "help rescue thousands of animals in need every year".  WHAT A CROCK!

Do not be fooled by their "wolf in sheep's clothing" leader, Wayne Pacelle; and do not think for one minute that your "$19 a month" donation will make it close to helping dogs and cats in need.  In fact, according to the H$U$ 2008 tax return, less than 1/2 of ONE PERCENT actually goes to the direct care of animals!

A donation to this extremist animal rights organization (cleverly disguised as animal welfare) will go toward such worthy causes as:

  • Legislation to cripple animal agriculture and make the food that we eat more expensive
  • Legislation to incrementally take away YOUR RIGHTS to own and breed dogs and cats
  • Legislation to take away YOUR RIGHTS to hunt and trap
  • Lobbying state and local officials for forfeiture and/or seizure bond laws in animal abuse cases (before anyone has been convicted of anything!)
And the list goes on and on!

So, dear friends, what can you do to help stop this atrocity???  It is very simple!
  • Write your U.S. Congressman and urge him/her to contact the IRS Fraud Division and request that this phony "animal welfare" group be investigated
  • Write the IRS Fraud Division yourself and request such an investigation
  • Write letters to the editor of your local paper to alert members of your community that if they donate to the H$U$, less than 1/2 of ONE PERCENT of their money will go to actually helping animals in need in shelters
  • Start a blog, and in the blog title or header include the phrase, "Join The Crusade Against HSUS"; search engines like Google love blogs.  The more blogs we link together, the higher up in rankings our message will be!
Most importantly:  Friends don't let friends donate to the Humane Society of the United States!

From one true animal lover to another, thank you for your prompt attention to this very grave matter.

And, your animals will thank you too; they depend on US, not a multi-million dollar phony "animal protection organization".

The Endangered Owner,
blogger/animal lover/purebred dog owner, exhibitor and breeder


  1. Round 2 won. Proposal deferred. Thanks to all who showed up at the meeting tonight! This issue will undoubtedly show up again, but for now, our pets are safe.

  2. Great article, thanks!

    I'll be enlisting my 76 year old father's help to continue this fight. You don't know him but he's a crotchey old billy goat with too much time on his hands and hate's this type of sham. When I mentioned the decade old battle to expose HSUS as the PETA / Liberal Agenda fund raisers that they are he doubted my every word. This of course will change. Never underestimate the power of a P'ed off retiree when the light bulb is turned back on.

    I am passing on parts of several articles I read in a forgotten Farm Trade magazines over the past year. If you know who this author is please post back for me-He woke me up. Thanks:

    "The HSUS is a wealthy organization that deserves scrutiny. Most people believe HSUS is a pet shelter or pet adopting agency. Not so–it has been widely reported that HSUS does not operate any pet shelter at all. In 2006, HSUS contributed only 4.2% of its budget to organizations that operate pet shelters." (It seems by the above article that that number has dropped dramatically.)

    "HSUS is nothing more than a wealthy animal rights lobbying organization which has many of the same goals as PETA.

    Scam example #1:

    "HSUS had reportedly raised $34 million dollars to help reunite lost pets with their owners as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Louisiana’s Attorney General conducted an 18-month investigation into the matter and noted that public disclosure of the spending added up to less than $7 million dollars. HSUS finally agreed to contribute $600,000 of the $34 million dollars (1.7% of the ill gotten gains from the sap story ads) to construct an animal shelter on the grounds of a state prison. However, most of the money remains unaccounted for."
 (The 1.7% amount is keeping in line with the liberal elites average yearly donations though.) 

    Scam Example #2:

    "In 2007, HSUS raised monetary contributions online for the purpose that it would “care for the dogs seized in the Michael Vick (NFL Quarterback) case.” However, The NY Times reported that HSUS wasn’t caring for the dogs at all and that HSUS President, Wayne Pacelle, told The NY Times that his group recommended that the dogs be put down. This, however, did not prevent many from contributing under the guise that HSUS would “care for” the dogs.

    "In many respects, animal owners, including horse owners, are in the middle of a fight for our souls. Government officials, (see recent articles on teeth floating, horse massage, NAIS and horse slaughter) and private organizations such as HSUS and PETA are attempting to control every aspect of animal ownership. Little will be left to the ingenuity of the animal owner. I believe many of these organizations, especially PETA and HSUS have, as their ultimate goal, the elimination of any type of animal slaughter/processing. (Note the protests against bison slaughter, chicken and hog farms, etc.)

Many of these protest groups are vegetarian and are slowly pushing their agendas through unsuspecting lawmakers who are having the wool pulled over their eyes. As we slowly head down that path, the anti-meat eaters gain more and more control. I have no problem if an individual does not want to eat meat, but I resent that individual taking away my steak!

    "We must become ever vigilant to these groups and government control. (As mentioned above,)Contact your representatives and senators and express your concern. We cannot continue to lose control of our animals. If we don’t stop this trend, we will wake up someday and be served with a copy of do’s and don’ts from PETA, HSUS and the federal government!"

    Follow the money. Where does it go, and who benefits.