Sunday, March 15, 2009

HSUS Sinks to New Low, Even For Them

This week, Wayne and company (the H$U$), hit a new low by pimping out kids to lawmakers in Tennessee. Not teenagers, little kids belonging to Brownie Troop 550 in Nashville. (And just where were these kids parents, anyway??) This latest ploy had the kids lobbying on behalf of the H$U$ to "stop puppymills" in Tennessee.

We all know the H$U$ relies on emotion over facts and common sense, and sadly the majority of Americans oblige. There are several "visuals", that when put before even the most level-headed, will cause an opening of the wallet (sad little puppy and kitty photos, "Help us, please")....and the wide innocent eyes of young children ("Hey, Mister Lawmaker, would you make those bad dog breeders not be mean to those poor doggies anymore?")

It is no secret that Wayne and Insane Ingrid are trying to indoctrinate our youth and brainwash them in the ways of veganism. But, c'mon!!! Taking advantage of the innocence of YOUNG children that don't understand the issues involved...and aren't even old enough to vote! Parading them up and down the halls of the state capitol...using their innocence and their emotions to push your ANTI-breeder agenda... That's a new low, even for you, Wayne-o. Shame on you.

Tennessees' breeders are just one of the many states being targeted by the wealthy animal rights group. Senate Bill 258, sponsored by Sen. Doug Jackson (D-25) and House Bill 386, sponsored by Rep. Janis Baird Sontany (D-53) places breeding of purebred dogs under criminal animal cruelty statutes. The bills classify a Commercial breeder as any person who possesses or maintains twenty (20) or more adult female dogs in whole or in part for the purpose of the sale of their offspring as companion animals. If even one litter of puppies is produced, a commercial breeder licensing would be required. Ownership of 75 is the absolute limit. Background checks will be required for applicants, and the state will determine if the applicant is of good moral character and deserving of the license.

HSUS State Director, Leighann McCollum, responding on behalf of Sen. Doug Jackson confirmed that USDA regulations currently in effect under the Dog and Cat Dealer Act (44-17-101) will be required for the new commercial breeder kennels. Senate Bill 258 was referred to Senate Committee Commerce Labor & Agriculture Feb. 19; no hearings are scheduled at this time.

Everyone knows that most states are facing the most troubling economic times we have seen since the Depression, so does the H$U$. Wayne and company may be morally bankrupt, but they aren't stupid; they know what sells, and in this case, when the going gets tough, NO child is safe or above being pimped out for their breeder elimination plan.


  1. It's right up HSUS'alley.Child labor. So now HSUS kills pups and pimps off kids to do the dirty work via the HSUS pathetic media marketing they call "protection." But HSUS calls buying/selling animals illegal. HSUS did this on purpose hoping no one would notice Oprah's PAWS dog died of parvo after showing it on TV gleefully like an idiot without even making sure it wasn't sick. Disgusting.

  2. That scout leader should never be allowed within 50 feet of a child ever again. And probably she should be lobotomized.

  3. The problem is that most people don't know that H$U$ wants the total elimination of pets as well as any human/animal interaction such as zoos, rodeos, etc. The Scout Leader and the parents need to be told what the true goal is. And, we need to let the Girl Scout national organization know and complain about the troop's lobbying.

  4. I work for Petland, and as you know, the HSUS has filed a lawsuit against us for selling "puppy mill" puppies, which is not true. They are aiming at us because we are an easy target. Unfortunately, I don't think many followers of the HSUS understand their true agenda. They work under the guise of being associated with local humane socities, which they are not. We at Petland, along with others are beginning to form the Society of Responsible Pet Owners. This group would be large enough to fight the HSUS and inform the public of the true HSUS. Unfortunately, Petland cannot do it alone.

  5. Petland - link hands with dog breeders, farmers, and hunters - together we are a force with which to be reckoned and we can be ignored by our representatives and senators at their cost. We should boycott businesses and movie stars that get in bed with the animal rights agenda. We made them, we can take them down. Instead support supporters.

    We will never give up. We will never back down. We pledge our wealth, our time and our lifes to the fight. Failure is not an option.

  6. Sontany just got an award from H$U$ for being the years best legislator... she made sure that she got lots of mileage from the local media out of that little award...this is all about publicity for her. Local Newschannel 5 is making it worse as they are so supportive of H$U$.Please contact them and tell them the truthc about H$U$. Maybe they will listen to numbers,
    People here think at least one of these bills will be law, only AKC judge Jon Cole has spoken up about it,the local kennel club is as you say, thinking it won't happen to them and they are so wrong.I just wish we could get the local media to portray the truth, please help by sending your emails to channel 5 and the Nashville Tennessean, ,thanks!

  7. Maggie B,

    I found the My Dog My Choice site, and it is great! Once we get the Society of Responsible Pet Owners moving, it would be great to connect with your organization in some way.

    Keep up the great work!

  8. If you're in Tennessee these bills will be heard in their committees on April 7. You can contact the committee chairmen to tell them you don't want these bills here.

    Senate Commerce, Labor and Agriculture Chairman:
    Senator Paul Stanley
    Phone (615) 741-3036
    Fax (615) 741-1005

    House Subcommittee on Civil Practice & Procedure Chairman:
    Brian Kelsey
    Phone (615) 741-4415
    Fax (615) 253-0349