Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dog Owners: We are NOT Done MORE HSUS Bills Must Die

We aren't done in Illinois. While the anti dock/crop bill appears to have been defeated, there are still ***2*** MAJOR issues that need our attention.  We are a large, powerful group and the "KILL THE BILLS" phone-a-thon is working!  Keep up the pressure!  The first being the hearing TOMORROW, MARCH 11, in Springfield, HB198 and SB53, the anti breeder bill.   PLEASE use the links provided at the AKC for sample letters you can personalize to help KILL this BILL!  The Illinois Veterinary Medical Association and the AKC remain opposed.

The second bill requiring our help is the MSN ordinance in Chicago.   Hearing on Thursday, MARCH 12...The Chicago Veterinary Med. Ass'n, the Illinois State Veterinary Med Ass'n AND the AKC are OPPOSED to this ordinance and all of its amendments.

I have it on good authority from someone involved in the fight that the HSUS has PROMISED to take this MSN ordinance in ALL directions of the country, should it pass. It is CRUCIAL we all step up to the plate and help each other and preserve our rights to ***choose*** when, where and how invasive surgical procedures are done.

For great sample letters that you can personalize and send to the Chicago Aldermen, please visit the following AKC link by clicking HERE .


 Please VOICE your opposition via fax, email and phone to save hobby breeders in Illinois.  This is another HSUS backed bill designed to eliminate breeders.  DO NOT LET THEM WIN.

The following is from the AKC.  For sample letters, for everyone both in and out of state, please click HERE

House Bill 198 and Senate Bill 53

These bills are supposedly an attempt to address “puppy mills” and irresponsible dog breeders in Illinois. However, these bills affect many small-scale hobby breeders and create unreasonable standards for
commercial breeders who are in compliance with current state and federal laws. Their passage will not improve enforcement or the lives of animals in Illinois.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture already has a licensing program in place which requires breeders with more than 5 intact females to be licensed. The “puppy mill” that sparked the introduction of this bill was not licensed as current law required and was being investigated by the Department of Agriculture.

Although draft amendments that have been circulating would allow the Department of Agriculture to administer the bill (current bill language establishes a new program in the Department of Financial and Professional Regulations), the provisions continue to be burdensome and will not improve animal welfare.

Enforcement of current laws is the most effective way to address animal care issues in Illinois.

House Bill 198 is scheduled to be heard:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
2:00 p.m.
House Business & Occupational Licenses Committee
Illinois State Capitol, Stratton Building
Room D-1
Springfield, IL

Senate Bill 53 is scheduled to be heard:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
3:00 p.m.
Senate Licensed Activities Committee
Illinois State Capitol, Room 409
Springfield, IL

What You Can Do:

* Call your Illinois State Representative and State Senator TODAY.
Tell them that you are a constituent and ask them to oppose HB 198, SB 53

*Personalize sample letters to send to your representatives. Due to the speed at which these items may move, we highly suggest sending your message in an email or by fax. Click here to find out who represents you in the Illinois State Legislature. (please go to link above to find your rep AND for sample letters)

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  1. Hey, happy to report that both IL bills have been "shelled" meaning that all their important language has been stripped out and the bills are still sorta alive, but meaningless and powerless. It's done that way to keep the issue alive without the bill, but means that it's unlikley that they will be acted on this year.