Sunday, February 20, 2011

Let's Highjack the HSUS Bus!

If we are to survive, we must hijack the Humane Society of the United States' bus!

What do I mean by that?  Simple.  Have you googled the phrase "puppymill" lately?  How about "finding a good dog breeder", or "spay and neuter"?  The animal rights movement dominates Google; and let me tell you, my friends, if ya' ain't on Google, YOU DON'T EXIST!  Google is where John Q Public (and those uneducated legislators) goes to "get educated" these days.  If all the public reads is the rhetoric put out there by Wayne and company, then guess what?  That's what they will believe and take as the gospel truth.

Yes, My Friends, You Can Help Save Our Animals!

The solution is so, so simple, and the very best part is.......WE CAN DO IT FOR FREE.  Yes, I said "FREE!".  Blogging.  Blogging is FREE and super simple.  If you can type an email, or write a document using Wordpad, or Word, you can blog.

The fact of the matter is that Google (and their little web-crawling robots) love, love, love BLOGS!  Blogs get indexed (listed in Google's massive index of sites) fairly quickly. 

I belong to many legislation-type email lists (Yahoo, Google, etc), and those have a purpose to an extent.  I've learned a great deal and met many wonderful people, but the problem is that those lists are "invisible" to the public.  They can't read what we type; they don't know "what we know", ya' know?!

So the next time you write a really, really great email talking about breeders, or the animal rights movement, or the current state under attack by HSUS--copy and paste that into a blog! (Removing any identifying information, of course; be smart!)

Where? When? HOW?

Probably the two best known platforms for blogs are Google (known as "Blogger" or "Blogspot") and Wordpress.  Both are FREE, but you do have the option of paying and getting some snazzier stuff. 

But for our intent (which is to get the truth into the hands of the public), the free versions work just fine.

You can make your blog posts as long as you want, or as short; you can blog every day, twice a day (if you do this, best to keep it short and simple), once a point is, is that in the time it takes to write or respond to another email on a dead-end email list, you can publish that same great information TO MILLIONS of people searching terms like the ones I described above. 

Don't feel confident, or maybe you're techno-phobic?  Find a trusted friend to set a blog up for you; then simply send them the content you want published.

Imagine All The People.....

Imagine the sheer magnitude our side could reach if we had hundreds of blogs writing about THE TRUTH concerning dog breeders, the dire consequences of early spay/neuter, the myth of "overpopulation", the slimy goings-on within the animal rights movement, etc...

Imagine....something SO SIMPLE.  Imagine....turning the tide.  FOR FREE!  (not for the $19/month!)  We can save our animals and our relationships with them, but we have got to speak out. 

And we must "speak" where we will be heard:  the internet, or more importantly, "Google".


  1. A great and important post! I will be posting a link to this on my blog and Facebook!

  2. I have been blogging about how Stoopid Dog Laws will affect my breeding program for a few years now. I rarely get hits from google on such things but most of my readers are pet people, and I like to think they are getting a broader view of things from my blog.