Friday, January 15, 2010

Earthquake in Haiti Equals BIG MONEY Beg Fest for HSUS

The 7.0 magnatude earthquake that has destroyed Haiti and is responsible for the deaths of over 45,000 human lives,  is now turning into a shameless money-making opportunity for the human-hating/animal rights lobbying group, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

In Wayne's latest begging for dollars campaign, he has sunk himself and the H$U$ to a new low...even for them.  And THAT'S saying something. 

History Repeats Itself

Let's turn the hands of time back to the Hurricane Katrina disaster, remember Wayne begging for your hard-earned money to "help the animals"?  Remember the resulting investigation by the LA Attorney General?  (It was only AFTER the heat was on that Wayne grudgingly agreed to turn over some of those millions to go into a new animal shelter.  It's anyone's guess where the rest of those Katrina millions went to. )

Michael Vick and the horrible dog fighting ring----again, we see Wayne shamelessly begging for YOUR hard-earned money to "help care for Vick's dogs" when IN FACT, not Wayne (remember, he doesn't have a hands-on fondness for animals) nor the HSUS had ANY of those poor dogs in their care, custody or control.  Another factoid:  Wayne and company wanted ALL of those dogs KILLED. 

But never let it be said that Wayne isn't afraid to distort the truth, and in most cases FLAT-OUT LIE to part you from your money.

Want to know how much of YOUR MONEY actually went to help animals in 2008?  Less than .04 cents on the dollar!  How much cash did HSUS rake in during 2008?  A whopping 86 MILLION dollars.

The People Must Come First...

Make no mistake, my heart goes out to the poor people of Haiti that are suffering and my prayers are with them and the HUGE humanitarian effort underway. 

But what's on Wayne's mind?  M-O-N-E-Y.   Rather, your money.

Don't fall for it, America.  Don't fall for Wayne and his shameless begging for dollars thinking that the HSUS will actually do what it says and HELP ANIMALS. 

Help all you can, folks, but give to those humanitarian groups that are performing human life saving tasks.  Don't let the smooth-talking wolf-in-sheep's clothing, Wayne Pacelle, part you from your money thinking you will be helping poor animals in Haiti.

As we have seen over and over again, Wayne's words mean nothing:  nothing but double-speak and outright lies, all in the name of greed.  And power. 

Shame on you, Wayne.  You have sunk to a new low...using one of the world's WORST natural disasters to line your coffers and further your agenda of "one generation and out".

By the way, do you get it, Wayne, at how utterly disgusted I am and just how much I despise your organization and what you are about?  (I mean REALLY about...not the bullshit you spoon-feed the public on a daily basis.)

Can you feel the love? 

Enjoy that Gravy Train while you can; it's about to get de-railed.


  1. Good column. Of course, HSUS is trolling for
    unwarranted dollars for its own coffers. I've
    been watching coverage of Haiti all week since
    the earthquake--like all Haiti, all the time,
    and I have not seen even ONE dog or cat anywhere in all that footage. The fact is that
    80 percent of the Haitian population lived below the poverty line even before the earthquake. On that basis, how many Haitians
    were likely to have pets? When your whole family lives on no more than one to two dollars
    a day, you sure as hell ain't feedin' pets.
    As for the farm animals that HSUS might be
    thinking of rescuing (NOT!), they weren't likely to be found in Port au Prince anyway,
    and if by some very unlikely chance, a few
    goats were to appear now in Port au Prince,
    NO ONE would try to save them, not when hundreds of thousands of human beings are
    roaming the streets looking for anything

  2. People who behave like this are an embarrassment and they have company among the big business begging crew. Best Friends" is gearing up to cash in on human suffering too. I got their begging letter this morning.

  3. I would like to see this in every "Letters to the Editor" in every newspaper in the country. It really is one of the only ways we're going to get the truth out there, barring front page headlines.

  4. WOW that is just so sad that people use such a sad event for self gain. Karma will have its way with him soon enough.

  5. The Peta Files today reported they were asking for MORE money (like they need it) to help EUTHANIZE animals in the disaster and were asking folks who may be there with search and rescue dogs as well as others to help euthanize as well...I think we should start a yahoo group so we can launch more organized online campaigns against those money grubbers.

  6. Anonymous said...

    HSUS now do u wonder why u dont get much donations any more.. when my cat was ill and needed much help with dental work and all u cld say well we may give u $20.00???? Where is the rest of the money u collect and really do u help these pets in need when someone is poor and all u do is say well if u do not have money put ur pet down is the best way when u know they can be saved. No wonder people are just throwing them away as they cant get help from u people. Wayne and ur people stink!!!!

  7. This just in from a field responder for Humane Society International (a branch of HSUS) that is on the ground in Haiti. There is no need at this time relating to animals. Read the responders interview and his assessment at