Thursday, April 2, 2009

NEVADA: Give HSUS The Boot April 7 Hearing

Heads up, Nevada....HSUS and company are ridin' into town....Gather up the posse` and send 'em back squealin! 

The following article appeared in The Wendover Times, and is posted here with the permission of the author. 

NOTE:  THE HEARING FOR THIS BILL HAS BEEN CHANGED TO APRIL 7!!!!  For more information and to join the FIGHT for your RIGHTS and ANIMALS, please contact:    

David Meets Goliath in the Old West

by B. Kubichka

Dateline: Elko - Nevada

Most people don’t think too often about Nevada, well maybe Las Vegas comes to mind. But when the ranchers and other animal breeders and lovers in this sagebrush covered, windswept, high desert town, tucked in the eastern corner of the great Silver State, found out the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) was a comin’ to town with their big city anti-animal breeder agenda, well that burr was too much for them to tolerate under their saddles.

That’s when the good and hearty folk - ranchers and the plain talkin’ townsfolk had enough! No big city D.C. city slickers were going to tell these good old boys--the tough and sun weathered independent ranchers and farmers --how to run their lives.

These D.C. big city outsiders from HSUS, decided it was high time they invaded this dusty Western state with their animal rights agenda and animal welfare laws. Just because these Old Timers don’t talk much, old HSUS decided, they must be asleep at the wheel. Well when these independent old frontier folk got wind of this plot against their freedom and their constitutional rights, and well, they got mad. Nobody was going to tell them how to run their lives, no siree!

Well then an amazing thing happened in this lonely corner of this vast desert state--the good and independent pioneer spirit of the Old West was galvanized! People woke up. People became red blooded, fighting Americans again! No way was HSUS going to tell the good people of this state how to run their lives. The good folk of the Old West were not going to take this outside interference laying down!

An amazing grassroots effort sprung up between these many disgruntled Nevadans. It eventually took a turn and turned into an organization of the people--just ordinary folk of Nevada, but with that independent and self reliant spirit.
One such person was a woman, Cheri. A slender, Western gal, golden by working outside in the clear blue skies and strong Nevada sun, more comfortable in jeans than a little black dress. Cheri, who is a small breeder of AKC purebred cattle dogs, was so outraged by the audacity of HSUS, of assuming they know what is best for her state and for her animals, she just knew she had to do something! So she became the Elko hub of the grassroots, just plain Nevadans movement,
According to Cheri, “No way is HSUS coming here! You will not come to our state and tell us how to run things!” She feels as many other Nevadans do, that local government handles these animal issues “just fine and to our satisfaction”. She stresses, “We don’t want or need your [HSUS] presence in Carson City [state capitol] telling our legislators how to think. The work for us!”
And another thing, Cheri says is, “We don’t want you [HSUS] telling the world that “Nevada is one of the five worst states in the United States.....and that you say “In Nevada, well anything goes...”. As a proud Nevadan and of independent spirt, Cheri was outraged when she saw this statement in the HSUS press release on their very own website.
“It’s insulting", she continues, she says they [HSUS] also says Nevada is a puppy mill state, when according to the USDA , who monitors and licenses commercial kennels, there are only two ‘commercial breeders’ in the entire state of Nevada, and they don’t even breed dogs”, she exclaims!
So Cheri got mad, very mad. She pulled together a coalition of ranchers, farmers, vets, and just plain towns folk who love their animals and their independence, and formed a caravan, a big caravan. And it’s planning on coming to Carson City on April 9th to attend the big rally against SB241, the Nevada Puppymill Bill proposed in part by HSUS and a Senator Townsend, who isn’t from around these parts. (NOTE:  The date has been changed to APRIL 7th, for more info, please email )
According to Cheri, HSUS and the collaborating legislators should be scared, “....because us old Cowboys won’t be asking you twice to pack your bags and leave our state and never come back. We are officially giving you the boot out of Nevada!”


[]breeder reports is a grassroots organization of Nevadans from all animal areas, be they rancher or pet owner, and is opposed to the loss of our constitutional rights as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, and serves to help protect plain Nevada animal folk from the threat of bigger and bigger government, not to mention the unfunded mandates these proposed laws require of Nevada taxpayers.


  1. "They (the humane groups) are going to close down every animal breeder. They are paying them to do that. I don't like it. All those people are going to be in soup kitchen lines. I don't like it at all."


  2. I think WE need the HELP of the Humane Society!! this is really stupid, I have lived in Nevada my entire life and i belive animals here barely have any rights, i think animals here are treated VERY UNFAIRLY! and breeders should be CLOSED DOWN! we have too many pet shops out there and not enough homes for these innocent animals who end up in animal shelters and are killed becaue of over population!!! I think these people are being huge IGNORANTS! and they dont want the HUMANE SOCIETY to come because they know they are treating animals inhumanely!