Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Surviving The Storm and the Aftermath

In case any of my loyal readers have been wondering where I've been and why I haven't posted, it's been due to a massive and crippling ICE STORM that hit our area (and my entire state) last week. Although the ice and snow have melted, the entire Western KY region is without electricity for the most part and phone service and internet have just recently been restored.  There are approximately 20 electric poles down and / or broken in a 3 mile stretch of the highway that I live on. Downed Power lines and trees made transportation virtually impossible for days after the storm.  If it weren't for the farmers using their tractors and equipment, my road would still be closed. 

At my house, we are fortunate to have a generator to power the fridge and tv.  We don't have running water, so we have to make daily trips to the in-laws who are lucky enough to have a full house generator that will power the well.  We have gas heat and a gas cookstove, so we are warm and not starving! LOL  All of the dogs are fine and loved playing in the snow.  My youngest Rottie decided that her new "job" is sleeping on the couch with me keeping my feet warm. She does it very well!

To give some idea of the magnitude, our state has (for the first time in history) called up EVERY member of the National Guard.  We are in a true state of emergency.  FEMA has arrived and President Obama has declared our state a Federal Disaster.  Members of the National Guard have been going door to door handing out bottled water and food and offering transportation to those that need it.

The banks and post offices have come to a standstill since everything is done electronically these days.  My bank has been open for a few hours per day, cashing payroll checks and allowing customers to get cash from their accounts.  Normal activities are non-existent.  It's amazing the things we take for granted.  Many school districts are closed indefinitely.  Gasoline continues to be hard to come by since many gas stations are still without power and not every one has a generator to run the pumps.

It may be another month (or longer) before our area has power restored and the cleanup will take many, many months.  And winter isn't over yet. The majority of the hardest hit areas are very rural--farm land--and the ground is very wet and muddy making it difficult for the utility crews to get in with their trucks and start repairs.

I have lots of information to sort thru, but I haven't forgotten or given up on the on-going battle for animal owner's rights.  Internet and phone service may still come and go over the next weeks, but I will try to keep the blog current.  Please be patient and keep checking back or subscribe to this blog for updates. 


  1. I did wonder where you were! Glad you're back and God Bless!

  2. "My youngest Rottie decided that her new "job" is sleeping on the couch with me keeping my feet warm. She does it very well!"

    I'm glad you're OK and have warm feet. Now, how cold will the feet of the nation be if HSUS succeeds in it's goal? It just proves how vital dogs our in our lives.

    "If it weren't for the farmers using their tractors and equipment, my road would still be closed."

    Thank God for farmers. Not only do they feed us, they also rescue us in times of emergency.

  3. Glad to get a report on what is going on there. We don't always get accurate reports of situations from the media. Amazing how adaptable dogs are in what humans think of as a crisis.

  4. Wow. Glad to hear you are surviving. And, sorry that such an unfortunate thing has happened.

    Think about this America, if PETA and the HSUS successfully make us a NO ANIMAL NATION what will we do when there are massive ice storms that kill all the soy? Where would we turn?

  5. Glad you are back and are hanging in there. We live in Cincinnati and are very aware of your situation. We heard today that some major help should be on the way. We are thankful you are able to stay in your home with the help of a generator. We lost power for a week when the remains of hurricane Ike came through and that was really rough. Can't image what it would have been like if the weather was cold. Sounds like you are doing your best. We send our prayers that life will get back to normal for you very soon.

  6. Don't worry sister I will cover you and post whatever I can!

  7. I'm glad you're OK.

    Our noble media here in Ontario didn't cover the story at all so I didn't know about it. I guess they were too busy looking for wild geese - er, 'pit bulls' or something else for the Fear O' the Day segment on the suppertime news.

  8. We suffered a similar storm a few years back. It makes you realize how much we depend on infrastructure.

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    P.S.: I'm glad to here that you survived relatively intact. We live in Springfield, MO, and we dodged this bullet by around 40 miles. We got nailed good a couple of years ago, however.